KIKO 328_329_380_elevation polish Ninja Yeti_8

Nailstalgia: How I wore it: grey

Good Morning and welcome to a new edition of Nailstalgia!
This months’ nailstalgic polish was Zoya Kelly, which is a beautiful dark grey creme polish. I have posted about it here already. The unfortunate thing is that I have been super strict in cleaning out my collection, and upon considering which grey cremes to keep, my KIKO cremes won.
KIKO 328_329_380_elevation polish Ninja Yeti_1

So even though Zoya Kelly is one of those dark greys that a nail polish lover will tell you is a must in your collection, I don’t have it (anymore). Let’s talk why, shall we?
KIKO 328_329_380_elevation polish Ninja Yeti_2

Here are my grey cremes: KIKO 328 (the lightest shade), KIKO 329 (medium shade) and KIKO 380 (the darkest shade). They barely need a second coat when applied and they all fit my skin tone. The brush is easy to handle and the polish dries super glossy.
KIKO 328_329_380_elevation polish Ninja Yeti_5

I’m not saying that the Zoya polish is significantly worse in application, formula or quality, but for me the KIKO polishes just worked that little bit better, that I decided to keep them.
KIKO 328_329_380_elevation polish Ninja Yeti_8

I decided to pair the cremes with a glitter topper I received as an extra from elevation polish. Ninja Yeti is a mix of differently shaped black glitters in a clear base. What is barely visible in the bottle is the tiny purple and holographic glitter that’s mixed into the clear base, so that adds a little extra.
KIKO 328_329_380_elevation polish Ninja Yeti_3

If you haven’t seen my fellow nailstalgic bloggers, they both own Zoya Kelly and have posted about it here: Polish Hound and Paint those Piggies!.  I admit, I’m terribly late with my post and I have a million excuses, but I will just not let it happen again (or at least I’ll try).
KIKO 328_329_380_elevation polish Ninja Yeti_6

I decided to pair my rather monochrome manicure with a black-and-pink outfit. Recently I decided to try to wear those clothes again that I bought some time back and that is hanging in the wardrobe unloved. I seem to have a non-blazer phase – although I must say the blazer was never my favorite piece of clothing – so I figured I’d give this shrieking pink one a try again.
KIKO 328_329_380_elevation polish Ninja Yeti_4

In terms of Make-Up I had a similar feeling, so I picked up my NARS Satin lip pencil in Lodhi – what do you think, does it look terrible on me or ok or good? I can’t decide if the color suits me or not.
KIKO 328_329_380_elevation polish Ninja Yeti_7

shoes: GAP, pants: Uniqlo, t-shirt: fan t-shirt for Placebo’s last tour (loud like love), blazer: Zara, bag: Ina Kent, earrings: Barbara Reisch, NARS lip pencil in Lodhi, Illamasqua creme blush, Chanel mascara. BYE!

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8 thoughts on “Nailstalgia: How I wore it: grey

  1. I like the Nars lip pencil on you, doesn’t overwhelm the outfit and I think it’s a you-color :)
    Also, love the T-Shirt but I might be biased ;)

  2. I like the blazer, and it is awesome to see some other grey cremes! I always admire Kiko polishes, and especially love that middle one, 329. The darkest one actually looks like it could be pretty close to Kelly! Now you’ve got me itching to do an ombre manicure, haha!

  3. Graue Lacke sind was cooles! Leider trag ich grau viel zu selten, weil ich mich, wenn ich die Wahl hab (und oje haben wir eine große Wahl …), fast immer für bunt und farbenfroh entscheid. Aber du hast das eh mit dem rosa Blazer und den rosa Schuhen kompensiert ;-) gefällt mir sehr gut!

    • Das verstehe ich, ich bin auch eher für je mehr Farbe desto besser. An und für sich finde ich aber grau eine der schönsten “faden” Farben, und eine super Basis für ein bisschen Stempeln oder herum malen :)

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