Zoya Vespa_1

Sunday Spam: green #2

Hello there! Today we’re going to check out my second favorite color again: green.

Orly It’s not rocket science is a duochrome (see that color change around the edges?) glassfleck green polish. I absolutely love this polish, it is perfect in every way, even the formula is good: this is 2 coats.
Orly It's not Rocket Science_1

p2 trouble is a acid yellow creme polish. It has this unhealthy, poisonous look about it, but it is actually pretty tame in terms of application: 2 coats.
p2 trouble_1

picture polish mallard (which I’ve shown you in a How I wore it Post here) is a dark green polish with flakies. It looks much better in photoshop color corrected etc pictures, so I was a bit disappointed when I wore it. Gladly I didn’t buy it. 2 coats.
picture polish mallard_1

Zoya Chita is a fir tree green textured polish. Zoya calls textures pixie dust, which makes them look cuter than other textured polishes. This one has gold glitter throughout, very Christmas-y. 2 coats.
Zoya Chita_1
Zoya Ivanka (over cherimoya matte green with an unknown name) is a dark green glassfleck with a duochrome shift towards blue. It looks entirely different layered over this grass green matte polish, but I dig it!
Zoya Ivanka over Cherimoya matte_1

Zoya Vespa is a sheer dull sea foam green. Can you tell by my description that I didn’t like it? I guess. 3 coats.
Zoya Vespa_1

China Glaze In the rough is a lime green textured polish. You would think that I’d love it, but I don’t. It looks like lumpy wall paint that won’t dry. 2 coats.
China Glaze in the rough_1

BB Couture Alien Puke is a slimey green polish with golden micro glitter. It is fabulous, a real proper ugly color that I assume most of you will dislike. I absolutely love this color, it isn’t too yellow, nor is it too brown. Perfect. 2 coats.
BB Couture Alien Puke_1

butter LONDON Wallis is the ideal blackened olive green / gold polish. I don’t think there are many people who don’t like this polish! 2 coats.
butter LONDON Wallis_1

Illamasqua Nurture is an eye-searing, matte green neon polish. I don’t think I can add anything to the WOW-effect this polish has on my retinas. 2 coats.
Illamasqua Nurture_1

Inglot 985 is a medium green with golden shimmer. Lovely, but not tremendously exciting. 3 coats.
Inglot 985_1

Mavala Khaki Vintage is a greyish sea foam kind of color. It is a bit more yellow toned in comparison to my picture. 2 coats.
mavala 166 khaki vintage_1

OCC Wasabi is a lime green creme polish. Maybe light wasabi. 2 coats.
OCC Wasabi_2

OPI Dazzle me (over trind CC140) is a sheer  green jelly with silver shimmer. Not all to exciting, I have to admit. 1 coat.
OPI Dazzle me_trind CC140_1

I know, I know, too many pretties. But if you could have one, which one would you pick?

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Spam: green #2

  1. Vor einer Weile hab ich im Douglas reduzierte Butter Londons gesehen, war aber nicht sicher, ob ich “Wallis” haben muss, oder nicht. Tja. Danke für das Foto, jetzt beiß ich mir in den Arsch. :D

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