essence Wave Godess Wave down the lime_1

essence Wave Godess TE

Hi there! Today I want to show you an essence trend edition that you can also still find in stores (again, in Austria, that is). It is called Wave Godess and I strongly suggest you follow my lead an buy all the polishes that are left in the displays.

essence crush on blue is a medium Yves Klein blue polish with subtle silver shimmer. It is highly pigmented and covers in one coat, although I admit I used two coats for these swatches. Isn’t it gorgeous?
essence Wave Godess Crush on blue_1

essence have a break is a light blue creme polish; it has a hint of silver shimmer within, but that doesn’t transfer onto the nail like it does with crush on blue. Nevertheless, the color is gorgeous, and the formula is superb as well. 2 coats.
essence Wave Godess Have a break_1

essence loose your heart on the board is a pink creme polish. It is leaning towards neon, so it looks more red in my pictures than it actually is. The formula was sub-standard. It was super hard to apply, very thick, and would dry in a second. I needed three (thick!) coats before this leveled out.
essence Wave Godess Loose your heart on the bord_1

essence wave down the lime is my favorite in this collection. It is a yellow leaning lime green creme with silver shimmer. Two coats, and a really, really good formula too, I had no application issues.
essence Wave Godess Wave down the lime_1

Now there’s this supposedly thermal polish that I found in the essence Wave Godess display, but I can’t find it on the essence homepage. It is also called crush on blue, but it is a thermal polish that doesn’t change color. I applied it over have a break, as it is really, really sheer and basically looks like slightly blue syrup. I really don’t know what good this polish does, do you?
essence crush on blue_ essence Wave Godess Have a break_1

Did you buy any of these polishes? I would strongly recommend to purchase the two blues and the lime green, because these polishes are great in formula and the colors are really lovely.

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One thought on “essence Wave Godess TE

  1. I’ve got the blues and I really loved them! I recall from the press release that there had to be a thermal top coat, so that’s the last one. It wasn’t released in Italy though so I had no chance to try it myself. Well I guess I don’t really matter if it doesn’t work!

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