Catrice Metallure Metallicious_1

Catrice Metallure LE

With all my vacationing I barely got time to swatch, crop and share pictures of new essence and Catrice LE’s and TE’s. Luckily I managed to do a little bit of that this morning, so I can show you the new Catrice Metallure LE, which is currently in stores (in Austria, that is).

I’m going to start with the polish I like the best by far. Catrice Alluring Pink is a bubblegum pink jelly with golden shimmer, that looks super squishy and shiny. In my opinion, it has nothing to do with a collection of metallic polishes, but I would love to see this polish in the regular collection, that’s how pretty it is. Superb formula, 2 coats.Catrice Metallure Alluring Pink_1

Catrice Alluring Red is a lovely shimmering red, a bit on the sheer side, but two coats cover fine. Catrice has produced really good reds in the past, and this is no exception.Catrice Metallure Alluring Red_1

Catrice Metalfusion is a charcoal grey metallic polish. It needs two coats for full coverage and dries with visible brushstrokes.
Catrice Metallure Metalfusion_1

Catrice Metalight is a rosé gold / copper metallic polish. The brushstrokes are clearly visible in this one, something I don’t really appreciate. 2 coats.
Catrice Metallure Metalight_1

Catrice Metallicious is a green-toned dirty gold polish. It has the same brushstroke issue, which is unfortunate. 2 coats.
Catrice Metallure Metallicious_1

Overall, I think that the two polishes that look the least metallic are the winners in this collection. I also really like the cap design, but I’m surprised that the metallic polishes aren’t better in quality. The brushstrokey thing is really a thing of the past for most companies, who manage to produce metallic polishes that dry to a more even surface.

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