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How I wore it: China Glaze That’s Shore Bright

Weeeeelll, I’m back from vacation, and I hence I’m trying to spice up this blog with more content than just Sunday Spams and Your weekly Dose of Holo Posts. It’s been hard for me to integrate making pictures of myself into my regular schedule, but I guess both you and I, we’ll have to live with that. So let’s have some fun with a very – not to say ridiculous – hearty manicure that I wore a few weeks back.
China Glaze That's shore bright_5

I painted my nails with China Glaze That’s shore bright, a really rather bright purple creme. I needed two coats for full coverage.
China Glaze That's shore bright_8

Then I stamped two different heart designs using MoYou images (but I can’t recall which ones, sorry).
China Glaze That's shore bright_7

On the ring finger, I added heart shaped studs which coincidentally have the same color as the pink stamping polish from Oh so wet! that I used.
China Glaze That's shore bright_3

The pictures were taken at Donaukanal, which is an area in Vienna where you can enjoy drinks and a stroll or a run on the river banks. Lately (when I say lately, I mean the last 15 years or so), this area has developed more and more into a boulevard next to the Donaukanal, which is a side arm of the Danube.
China Glaze That's shore bright_4

Not only have cafés, bars and restaurants been popping out of the ground, but also those guerilla vegetable plantations. We call them, loosely translated, city biotopes. Basically they’re little gardens made out of whatever rubble lies around.
China Glaze That's shore bright_1

I find the idea pretty cool, but I wouldn’t want to share my vegetables after I took all the time and effort to make the boxes and plant the veggies! The people who build these gardens really deserve some appreciation.
China Glaze That's shore bright_2

pants: Zara, shoes: TOMS, T-Shirt: GAP, pullover: GAP, bag: Ina Kent, bracelets: Cajoy (provided for review) / New One, earrings: self made, lipstick: Bobbi Brown Neon Pink.

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3 thoughts on “How I wore it: China Glaze That’s Shore Bright

  1. Love the colours in this one.

    These micro veggie plantations are BEYOND cool!! Thanks for sharing! (the pics, I wouldn’t want to share the veggies either… Good thing I don’t grow any green things, so I don’t have the dilemma – to share or not to share.)

  2. That’s Shore Bright ist ein wirklich cooler Lack find ich! Ich hab den quasi zufällig bekommen, weil ich ihn unabsichtlich anstatt einer anderen Farbe bekommen hab, aber einen Lack schick ich sicher nicht mehr nach USA zurück ;-) und gefallen hat er mir sowieso gleich.
    Ich kenn diese “Gemüsegärten” am Donaukanal gar nicht! Is ja voll lustig :-)

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