butterLONDON Scouse_Inglot 992_1

Sunday Spam: butter LONDON #2

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a blast. Today we’ll be looking at some of my butter LONDON collection!
Check out butter LONDON Spam #1 here.

butter LONDON Henley Regatta is a mix of the finest glitters in teal, aqua and turquoise. It covers in two coats.
butter LONDON Henley Regatta_1 copy

butter LONDON HRH is a shimmery purple color. It is lighter than an eggplant and it has a really fine shimmer. Great formula, this was two coats.
butter LONDON HRH_1
butter LONDON Poole is a greenish blue grey mix of a creme polish- you can spot the green undertones because my skin looks lobsterish red, which is the indicator for green undertones. The formula was good, I used two coats.
butter LONDON Poole_1
butter LONDON Sunbaker is a super vibrant orange. It is a bit lighter than my beloved China Glaze Bend over Backwards, so it looks less good on me, but that doesn’t change the fact that the color is gorgeous. 2 coats.
butter LONDON Sunbaker_1
butter LONDON Scouse (over Inglot 992) consists of duochrome glassflecks in a sheer medium blue base. I decided to layer it over a similar base color, because I dodn’t feel like building it up (so I used 1 coat). Lovely, but I think you can achieve the same effect if you have the glassflecks in a clear base, and you can just layer it over whichever base color you fancy.
butterLONDON Scouse_Inglot 992_1

Do you have any favorites? Or are there generally any butter LONDON polishes that rank high in your nail polish love list?

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Spam: butter LONDON #2

  1. “HRH” habe ich auch und fand den echt super. :) Ich habe außer diesem noch 3 Butter London Lacke. Finde die aber insgesamt von der Qualität nicht soooo überragend, obwohl die Farben, die ich habe wirklich wunderhübsch sind. Zum Glück bekommt man die Lacke auch gut günstiger im Internet oder bei TK Maxx.
    Da gibt es noch ein paar Farben, die mir gut gefallen, wie z.B. “Wallis”.

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