How I wore it: Enchanted Polish Hey Jude

Hello there! I have a How I wore it post for you today, did you ever think I’d manage? I must admit they’ve been sparse lately, but I haven’t felt like putting make up on for weeks now, and the camera isn’t polite when it comes to that…
Enchanted Polish Hey Jude_1

Today I want to show you Hey Jude, a multichrome holographic polish by Enchanted Polish. I was browsing a bit (aka visiting my favorite nail polish online stores) and I came by Pshiiit boutique. I clicked the “Enchanted Polish” tab, more out of habit than with the expectation of finding something for sale. But I did! The whole Enchanted Polish line, which I’ve been lusting after for month, was just readily available. Lucky me!
Enchanted Polish Hey Jude_5

So this is Hey Jude, which is a gold to green to purple multichrome polish with holographic effect. It applies nicely and evenly in two coats. I usually admire this beetle-look on the nails, but I seldom like it on myself. This polish is so versatile that it even looks good on me!
Enchanted Polish Hey Jude_2

So why is Enchanted Polish sold out everywhere this quickly? What is it that Enchanted Polish has that no other polish has?
Enchanted Polish Hey Jude_3

To be honest, I don’t know. It may be the extra cute packaging (come on, it has a castle for a label that every Disney princess would love to live in!), it may be the peer pressure, it may be the unique colors that add to the want-factor.
Enchanted Polish Hey Jude_6

I think it is the same with fashion items. There’s an item, that someone famous wears in a flattering way. This item is then bought by a multitude of people who want to make this item part of their own style (I know this sounds as if I’m speaking with jealousy, but I think only a few make it their own style, most of them copy the famous persons’ style). More often than not this doesn’t work, but the item is recognized by then.
Enchanted Polish Hey Jude_4

Think about Stella McCartney’s Fallabella bag, or Valentino Rock Studs Shoes, or this Celine bag everyone wears now. These are a ‘must’ for every fashionista – they are just expensive enough for the average earner to be too expensive, and for those who have a better income, these ‘investments’ hurt their savings account less. For those who don’t have to care about paying the same for a bag most people can have a small vacation from, those are the ones to turn those items into it-items. Enchanted Polish Hey Jude_7

Now, you can trust me when I say this: I’ve fallen victim to the same psychology I preach you should turn away from. I have just learned two things: If I find something ugly in the first place, chances that I will not find it ugly because it’s an it-item are small. I have tried, and ownership does not equal beauty.
Enchanted Polish Hey Jude_8

The second thing I learned is that those items that will ‘come’ to you, either because you saved up for them, or you just see something and think that this’ll look great on you, those are the ones you should consider having in your wardrobe (or nail polish collection!).  Maybe what you choose is not an it-item, but do you want to look good, or do you want to look uniform?
Enchanted Polish Hey Jude_9

shoes: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M, jeans: Zara (wore them 10 times and they are so torn that I can also just not wear pants. What a mis-buy!), pullover: Uniqlo, scarf: fabIndia, sunglasses: RayBan, bracelet: ApreciouZ

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2 responses to “How I wore it: Enchanted Polish Hey Jude

  1. Love the polish and your outfit, and the pants thing is totally cracking me up. lol

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