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A little bit of Rainbow Honey

Today I have a rather random post for you. I want to show you some Rainbow Honey polishes. I was really smitten by what I thought was the glittery goodness of awesomity, but boy, pictures can fool you! Before this, I hadn’t tried any of the Rainbow Honey polishes or the cuticle balm. Let me tell you that should you ever need the one cuticle balm, you should definitely buy one of the ones from Rainbow Honey. My favorite is Sakura Matsuki and my second favorite is holiday paradise. But now onto the polish.

Rainbow Honey Hanami (over picture polish fairy floss) is a mix of iridescent square and round glitters, tiny pink glitters and bigger rose colored glitters in a super sheer pink jelly. Imagine this if it would be opaque… but it isn’t. 2 coats.
rainbow honey hanami_picture polish fairy floss_1

Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise (over Illamasqua Loella) is a mix of large yellow hex, medium light blue hex, smaller fuchsia and blue bar glitters, in a clear base with shimmery golden particles. Again, this does nothing for me, and I imagined it would be… I don’t know, just better.
Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise_Illamasqua Loella_1
Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise (over KIKO 618) – the same polish as above, only this time over a darker base color. Still feelin’ nothing.
rainbow honey pinkie promise_KIKO 618_1
Rainbow Honey The Element of Magic (over Illamasqua Stance) is a mix of all kinds of sizes and shapes of purple glitters as well as a few holographic glitters. It needs a base coat, as again, it is really sheer, even though in the bottle, it looks as if it could be built up to opacity.
rainbow honey the element of magic_Illamasqua Stance_1
Rainboy Honey Hoof Wrassle is an orange polish with differently sized glitters in shades of orange and gold. This is what I thought I could build all the polishes up to in 2-3 coats. In my eyes, the best polish of the bunch, except for that it’s orange, so I’m a sad panda again.
Rainbow Honey_hoof  wrasslo_1

Have you tried Rainbow Honey polishes before? I think that we are not a match made in heaven. Sometimes some things work for one, but not for another person, and Rainbow Honey polishes seem not to work for me.

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4 thoughts on “A little bit of Rainbow Honey

  1. Schade, dass dir die Lacke nicht zusagen. Der erste Lack hätte zumindest Potenzial gehabt. ^^ Ich hab mir auch einen Cuticle Balm der Marke zugelegt, allerdings in der Duftrichtung “Bubbly” und die mag ich gar nicht. :D Aber ich find den Balm total gut. Fast besser als den von Burt’s Bees.

    • oje! Beim Blind-kaufen muss man Gerüche kaufen, obwohl man nicht weiß, ob man sie mag, das kann natürlich daneben gehen :( Ich habe auch noch holiday paradise, der erinnert mich an pfefferminze. Mag ich auch gern :)
      PS: ich finde die balms viel besser als die von burt’s bees :D

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