trind CC140_1

Sunday Spam: Random Green #1

As you all know very well that green holds a special place in my heart, I decided to spoil you with some green polishes today.

australis limited edition 2 is a lime green creme. 2 coats.
australis limited edition 2_1

Barielle Polished Princess is an intently shimmery pea green. 2 coats.
Barielle Polished Princess_1

barry M neon green is a neon green with silver shimmer. Awesome. 2 coats.
barry M neon green_1

butter LONDON Dosh is a pea green with silver micro flakes. The formula is on the thick side, but it applies nicely. 2 coats.
butter LONDON Dosh_1

China Glaze In the lime light (neon) is my favorite neon green. It leans a bit towards blue and the formula is rather watery, but I think is looks awesome. 3 coats.
China Glaze In the lime light (neon)_1

China Glaze Winter Holly is a super dense mix of green and golden glitters in a clear base. Two coats were enough for full coverage.
china glaze winter holly_1

China Glaze Winter Holly (over Estée Lauder Absinthe) here I’m wearing one thin coat over a yellowish green, looks cool too!
China Glaze Winter Holly_Estee Lauder Absinthe_1

Cult Nails Feeling Froggy is a medium green with light green shimmer. It has an amazing formula! 2 coats.
Cult Nails Feelin Froggy_3_1

depend 5010 (over mavala vintage khaki) is a green crackle green. Crackles are out, and so is this polish.
depend 5010_mavala 166 khaki vintage_1

Eva Mosaique Fashion Color 075 is a very very vibrant turquoise/teal that is on the verge of being a green. I got this polish from A. over at DasExperiment, and Eva Mosaique is a Russian brand that makes the most fabulous topcoat also. 2 coats.
Eva Mosaique Fasion Color 075_2

Hard Candy Crush on Ivy is a christmas tree over the top shimmer green with bronze flecks. 2 coats.
Hard Candy Crush on Ivy_1

Hard Candy teeny greeny (over sally hansen licket-y split lime) is a sheer lime green shimmer. 1 coat.
hard candy teeny greeny_sally hansen lickety split lime_2

Inglot 954 is a medium green, not exactly lime green though. It applies nicely in two coats, the shimmer it has in the bottle gets lost unfortunately.
Inglot 954_1

L’oreal Creme de mint (jelly sandwich with OPI is a super sheer green jelly. I decided to layer OPI’s in between two layers. The polish can be built up as you can see here, but at three coats there’s still VNL.
jelly sandwich_OPI Polka.com_Loreal Creme de mint_1

Jessica Lime Cooler is a pastel green with an almost neon vibrancy. It is absolutely lovely; the application is a bit tricky, but two coats and a topcoat do the trick.
Jessica Lime Cooler_1

Joe Fresh Lime Juice is a rather sheer neon green. I layered two coats over white here.
Joe Fresh Lime Juice_1

Misa Good to be green is a happy light green creme polish. 2 coats.
MISA Good to be green_1

MISSHA Shocking Pop (over allessandro black velvet) is a glitter mix of blue, red, orange and fuchsia glitters in a mix of golden and lime green micro flakes. Looks like a blooming summer field to me.
MISSHA Shocking Pop_allessandro black velvet_1

Models Own Golden Green is a olive green shimmer with the idea of it being a duochrome and shifting to gold. 3 coats.
Models Own Golden Green_1

Models Own Toxic Apple is a neon green jelly. I’m wearing three coats here and I still have VNL, but the color is so vibrant most people won’t notice.
Models Own Toxic Apple_1

Nfu-Oh JS17 is also a jelly polish, but it is less neon and can be built up to full opacity. The color looks very soft and squishy to me. 3 coats.
NfuOh JS17_1

Nicka K NY138 is a shimmery grass green. 2 coats and great formula!
Nicka K NY138_2

OPI Don’t talk Bach to me is one of those “fugly” colors people tend to despise. I loved the color in the bottle but it is not in the least flattering on me. 2 coats.
OPI Don't talk Bach to me_1 copy

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape is a pastel lime green creme. Terribly formula, I needed four coats to get this equaled out! (But such a pretty color!)
OPI Gargantuan Green Grape_1

Orly Sparkling Garbage (over Ninja Polish Shillelagh) is a mix of mostly green but also holographic micro glitters in what appears to be a super sheer teal jelly. 1 coat.
Orly Sparkling Garbage_Ninja Polish Shillelagh_1

pure ice treasure hunt (over butter LONDON Marrow) is a mix of small green glitters and large purple and turquoise diamond shaped glitters. 1 coat.
pure ice treasure hunt_butter LONDON Marrow_1

Revlon 230 Bonsai is a medium green shimmer polish. It has a strong golden shimmer, something I can get lost in. 2 coats.
Revlon 230 Bonsai_1

sephora green generation is a vibrant aqua with a more or less frosty finish. It is rather thick, so I needed only one coat.
Sephora green generation_1

Sephora by OPI It’s totally Karma is a lime green creme. Great color, good formula. 2 coats.
SOPI It's totally Karma_1

Spa Ritual Introspective is a sea foam green; the formula of this polish wasn’t too good, it was rather thin and the subtle golden shimmer that’s visible in the bottle gets lost on the nail. 3 coats.
Spa Ritual Introspective_1

trind CC140 is a super vibrant, almost neon turquoise creme. The formula is excellent; if only the bottles wouldn’t look so .. medical and outdated, trind could be a cool brand. 2 coats.
trind CC140_1

Any favorites?

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