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Catrice new nail polishes for fall/winter 2014

Boy I’m glad it’s Thursday! Only three more days until it is supposed to cool off and rain a little. The pressuring heat in Vienna has been more than I can deal with lately, maybe that’s one of the perks of getting older? Or maybe I’m just becoming weather-sensitive like my grandfather. Anyhow, today I want to show you some of the new nail polish colors from Catrice, which will be part of their fall/winter 2014 line.

Catrice Be my Violetine is a medium purple, shown here is one coat, no topcoat (actually, all these swatches are without topcoat).
Catrice Be my Violetine_1

Catrice Blue and a Half Men is a medium blue with a hint of black and some lighter blue shimmer. It definitely needs two coats, I’m showing you three here. Don’t be discouraged if it looks like *** at the first coat, you can build this up.
Catrice Blue and A Half Men_1

Catrice First Class Up-Grape is the star of the new polishes, at least for me. It reminds me of Chanel’s Malice, but I haven’t compared them yet. First Class Up-Grape is  a blackened burgundy red with mysterious orange-golden shimmer. 2 coats, fabulous formula – definitely a must-have!
Catrice First Class Up-Grape_1

Catrice Greige the new Beige is a murky mix of taupe and ‘greige’. It’s a creme polish, 2 coats.
Catrice Greige! The new beige_1

Catrice Greyday, Greyday! is a gunmetal grey metallic polish. It dries to a very shiny finish, but the brushstrokes stay visible. 2 coats.
Catrice Greyday Greyday!_1

Catrice It’s time for Lovender is a darker lilac creme. 2 coats, wonderful formula!
Catrice It's time for lovender_1
Catrice Out of the Dark is the brownish purple leaning version of Greyday, Greyday!. It has a metallic look to it because of the brushstrokes. The formula is good, the color is totally not my thing. 2 coats.
Catrice Out of the Dark_1

Catrice Mint the Gap (over Catrice Out of the Dark) is a polish that can either be used alone to a milky, light mint and very shimmery effect (I guess 3 coats are necessary), or it can be used as a topcoat. I decided to do the latter and layered one coat over Out of the Dark, which really brings out the sparkle!
Catrice Mint the Gap_Catrice Out of the Dark_1

Catrice Must have STEELetto (1 coat over Catrice Be my Violetine) is the lilac cousin of Mint the Gap. It is more metallic looking and less sparkly. It can also be built up to opacity.
Catrice Must-Have STEELetto_Catrice Be my Violetine_1

Catrice Ombre Topcoat in Color of Change (over Marionnaud Lilas Tendre) is a topcoat designed to change to look of a light polish. From left to right I used 1-0-2-3 coats. I don’t like it. If the polish below isn’t absolutely dry like the Sahara, the brush of the topcoat will leave tracks in the base color. The topcoat is also supersupersuper watery and therefor as fun to apply as a hairgel mixed with water. The color looks red in the bottle, but it mainly looks brown on the nail. Anyone remembers that smoky topcoat? It’s the same in black.
Catrice ombre topcoat color of change_Marionnaud Lilas Tendre_1

A couple of words about these polishes. I was invited to the introduction of new products from Catrice, so all the products are samples that I received. Everyone there was very nice, explaining their thoughts behind the products, etc, so I feel really bad saying this, but the names?! They sound as if someone had a stroke while coming up with them, followed by a speech impediment (I know this is mean to people who actually suffer from either. Please feel free to make jokes about me in turn.). I feel especially sad about the names because Catrice really, really stepped up their game in terms of formula, and I think they must have a better quality control when it comes to the brushes, because mine were all fine.

All in all, some of these polishes, like First Class Up-Grape, Blue and a Half Men and Be my Violetine should be on your list, because they are really something. Others, like the ombre topcoat, is for the more adventurous of you who don’t mind sporting an ugly manicure in the name of science.

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13 thoughts on “Catrice new nail polishes for fall/winter 2014

  1. First Class Up-Grape ist ja wunderschön <3 <3 Hm, den Ombre-Topcoat hätte ich jetzt aber nicht gebraucht (wer trägt sowas?), wobei ich mir schon ein paar nette Nail Art Effekte damit vorstellen kann. Aber naja, für ein, zweimal benutzen brauch ich den auch nicht … Ansonsten: sind ja nette Farben dabei, aber auch nichts, was ich nicht schon hätte, und auch nichts, was ich noch wollte

  2. Catrice muss ich jetzt wirklich auch mal probieren. It’s time for Lovender gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Die Hitze in Wien ist echt mühsam :-( Ich freu mich auch schon, wenns am Montag bissl abkühlt! Wenn ich da an letztes Jahr denke, wo es einmal fast 40 Grad gehabt hat, wird mir gleich schlecht.

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