Zoya Valerie_nailcraze02_KIKO 618_1

Nail Art: Good Lack’s setbacks and improvements

Hi there! Today I want to show you some, what I generously call, nail art. I have gotten around to absolutely loving stamping, but I rarely find the time to do it, which is sad! I’m trying to be a more active stamper though. I have also learned to stick rhinestones on pretty much everything. It’s damn easy and no one notices just how wonky I stick them on (unless I show you pictures of my nails). What I still can’t manage is water marbling. I usually fail right at the start, and the nail polishes I choose don’t from concentric circles but end up being blotches halfway beneath the water surface. Oh well, boo hoo.

On the pointer and pinky I’m wearing Chanel Coco Blue which I stamped with some images from a Christmas MoYou plate. The glitter you can see on my other two nails is from NOPI and called Kendall on the Katwalk. I added light blue rhinestones, but these are barely visible.
Chanel Coco Blue_NOPI Kendall on the Katwalk_1
Here I was trying a gradient with pink and baby blue. I thought that these two colors would look cute together, but in reality this looked like a hot mess. The polishes have different density in pigmentation and a different formula: the blue is very thin, the pink is rather thick. I was using China Glaze Flying High (blue) and Sinful Colors Cream Pink, the glitter is butter LONDON Tart with a heart. I realized also that gradients look different depending on the nail shape. On my (then) short round nails, this looked like a child playing with crayons.
China Glaze Flying High_Sinful Colors Cream Pink_bL Tart with a heart_2China Glaze Flying High_Sinful Colors Cream Pink_bL Tart with a heart_1

I was wearing Cult Nails Ay Poppy! when I looked at my instagram feed and found a picture of a manicure Maria, the brain behind Cult Nails, took of her own manicure. She added different rhinestones to her manicure, and so I thought, hey, I can do that too. Yes, these are all wonky, and not in a perfect row. I know that – but don’t you think it looks quite awesome considering I did this manicure in bed while watching TV on my laptop? Don’t tell me you’re not impressed!
Cult Nails Ay Poppy! rhinestones_1

Another almost nail artsy manicure with Cult Nails – another one I got from Maria’s insta-feed. My base is Cult Nails Morning Glory, which has a wax (=almost matte) finish, and I added a stripe of Lime Crime Parfait Day on top, quickly stuck on a rhinestone and topcoated only the stripe, so that the wax finish would still be visible. Looks a bit so-so from up close, but from a bit further away, this makes my fingers look super long!
Cult Nails Morning Glory_LimeCrime Parfait Day_1

Finally a manicure with stamping! As a base, I used the gorgeous glassfleck purple from Zoya called Valerie. I stamped it using KIKO 618 (from their discontinued metallic collection) and an image from nailzcraze plate 02.
Zoya Valerie_nailcraze02_KIKO 618_1
What do you think of my “nail art”? I think my stamping skills are fine, but there’s tons of tricks I could use for all the other stuff. I recently purchased nail vinyls, those are hard to use! Much more difficult than I thought they’d be! Any tips and tricks you’d like to share?

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6 thoughts on “Nail Art: Good Lack’s setbacks and improvements

  1. Your stamping looks great! (I love the last manicure.) <3 I'm trying to get better at it too! Water marbling is so hit and miss for me, that I've never shown it on the blog at all…

    • Water marbling is far beyond my skill set – plus the time it takes! The stamping really gets better with practice, I’m going to work on that a bit more before I venture to higher nail art skills ;)

  2. I will try using glassfleck purple from Zoya called Valerie as a base, i love the results. I think your stamping skills are very good and i would like to do similar nail art designs someday. They are beautiful.

    • thank you, that is really nice of you to say. I must say though that this particular manicure was more of beginner’s luck than skill ;) I’ll keep on practicing, and I’m sure you’ll manage too!

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