YSL Bronze Pyrite_1

Sunday Spam: random high end polishes (Chanel, Dior, Guerlain,…)

Don’t ask me why, but I decided that today is a great day to show you random photos of various manicures I wore – but only “high end” nail polish, aka nail polish that is not sold in drugstores.

Chanel Gold Fiction is a rather old polish that I found on one of the past Beautyfleamarkets. The polish is rather sheer, so I needed to apply three coats, but it isn’t just metallic looking gold (it has golden sparkles!!), so I’m okay with that. Apart from my obvious love for golden nail polish, this is a collector’s item for me.
Chanel Gold Fiction_1Chanel Gold Fiction_2

Chanel Sky Line (Rainbow Honey Koi Pond on the tips) is a baby blue shimmer – I’ve heard it being called a frost, but either I just don’t see that or I refuse to. I love the cool shade of blue, a color like this makes me very happy! 2 coats.
Chanel Sky Line_rainbow honey koi pond_1

Deborah Lippmann Between the Sheets is a warm fuchsia creme polish. It needs two coats for full coverage. While I absolutely adore the look of fuchsias, the color isn’t for me.
deborah lippmann between the sheets_1

Deborah Lippmann Dancing in the Sheets is a navy blue shimmer. 2 coats.  deborah lippmann dancing in the sheets_!
Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Kiss is a mix of golden, light pink and larger fuchsia glitters. I love how sparkly it is, but I have to wear this again to figure out if I was blinded by the sparkle, or if I really like it. 2 coats.
DL Mermaid's Kiss_3
Dior Diablotine is a coral polish with lots and lots of silver glitters throughout. I’m not too smitten by coral polishes, and unfortunately, this one looked cheap on me too. The formula on this was rather thick, but I needed two coats anyways.
Dior Diablotine_2_1 Dior Diablotine_3_1

Dior Rosy Bow is a warm creme pink. It applies nicely and I needed two coats for full coverage.
Dior Rosy Bow_1_1

Estee Lauder Absinthe is a yellowish-green creme. It reminds me less of Absinthe and more of pea soup. Lovely formula, 2 thin coats.
Estee Lauder Absinthe_1
Guerlain 861 Sulfurous has a color difficult to describe. It has a hint of purple, brown and grey, but it has multicolored, microscopically small sparkles throughout. Definitely a unique polish! 2 coats.
Guerlain 861_1
Guerlain Enchanted Mat Grey is a black, blue and silver mix of small color particles that dry matte. I used only one coat and I must admit that I was very impressed by the quality of the polish.
Guerlain Enchanted Mat Grey_1

KOH Green Stardust is an olive green polish with gold sparkle and green flakes. 2 coats.
KOH Green Stardust_1
MAC Steamy is a medium pink creme polish. Nothing special and there are polishes with a much better formula. I have no idea why I wished for this one!
MAC Steamy_1
Michael Kors Runway Star is a golden metallic looking polish. It is rather sheer and I only realized in the course of the day that I had VNL. I could have definitely used a third coat. The color is nice though, and the polish is very sparkly.
Michael Kors Runway Star_1 copy
Michael Kors Superstar is a copper polish that has glittery golden particles throughout. It covers better than its golden pendant Runway Star. 2 coats.
Michael Kors Superstar_1
NARS Pokerface is a lilac polish with subtle silver shimmer. The silver shimmer looks awesome in the bottle but not much was left of it on my nails. 2 coats.
NARS Pokerface_1
Versace V2000 is a super super super sheer milky polish that has a beige color in the bottle. What you see here is 4 coats. I was borrowing this from B. who brought it to me mainly because the bottle looks so … absurd with the Versace logo on top.
Versace V2000_1 Versace V2000_2
YSL Bronze Pyrite is a greenish leaning cool metallic gold that does indeed look like a Pyrite. I love the look of it, but not on me. Too bad! 2 coats.
YSL Bronze Pyrite_! YSL Bronze Pyrite_1

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