Catrice Stars & Stories_China Glaze Don't honk your thorn_1

Catrice Luxury Lacquers Million Brilliance

Hi there! Today I want to show you swatches of the brand new Catrice Luxury LacquersMillion Brilliance‘.
I swatched these all the same way, over a matching base color and with topcoat, as they dry a bit gritty and benefit from the extra shine. I’m sure that you can build all these up to full opacity at two-four coats, depending on the polish.

Catrice Blue Skyfall (over Catrice Blue and A Half Men) is a mix of differently sized blue glitters in a tinted blue jelly base.
Catrice Blue Skyfall_Catrice Blue and A Half Men_1

Catrice Bronze Upon a Time (over Catrice Greige the new Beige) is a mix of small bronze (copper), golden and black glitters in a clear base.Catrice Bronze upon a time_Catrice Greige! The new beige_1

Catrice It’s Showtime (over Catrice Greyday Greyday!) is a mix of differently sized silver glitters in a clear base. The glitters are very dense and the polish is reflective like wrinkled foil.
Catrice It's showtime_Catrice Greyday Greyday!_1

Catrice Let’s get lost in Vegas (over Catrice It’s time for Lovender) is a mix of lavender and holographic glitters in a lavender tinted base.
Catrice Let's get lost in Vegas_Catrice It's time for lovender_1

Catrice Lots’n Roses (over Illamasqua Harem) is a mix of pink, rose and golden glitters in a clear base. The glitters are so dense that the base looks pink too (in the bottle)!
Catrice Lost'n Roses_Illamasqua Harem_1

Catrice My Big Green Wedding (over Chanel Alchimie) is obviously my favorite. It consists of grass green glitters and sparse holographic glitters in a lime green base with an intense golden shimmer.
Catrice My big green wedding_Chanel Alchimie_1

Catrice Plum Fiction (over Catrice First Class Up-Grape) is a mix of differently sized purple and fuchsia glitters in a jelly purple base. Very vampy and mysterious.
Catrice Plum Fiction_Catrice First Class Up-Grape_1

Catrice Stars & Stories (over China Glaze Don’t Honk your Thorn) is a mix of differently sized light gold glitters. The base is clear – this one is the one with least density of glitters.
Catrice Stars & Stories_China Glaze Don't honk your thorn_1

Which one is your favorite and which ones will you definitely buy? I must say that I’m very pleased with these polishes, the quality is wonderful and I mean, just check out that glitter!!!

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9 thoughts on “Catrice Luxury Lacquers Million Brilliance

  1. Ich find die sehr schön! Ich stand auch heute vorm Regal, aber habe gezögert. :) Brauchen die Lacke eine Base oder könnte man sie in 2-3 Schichten auch deckend bekommen?

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