Nailstalgia: How I wore OPI Elephantastic Pink

Hello and welcome to the first post of Nailstalgia!

What is Nailstalgia, you ask? Well, it is the love of not brand-new nail polish. I guess you know the lovely nostalgic feeling of finding your old baby clothes? I get that feeling when I look at certain things that remind me of occasions or experiences I had and I cherish the memories of those events. Yes, yes, I know we’re still talking nail polish. Just like the clothes, sometimes we nail polish enthusiasts look back on collections or certain “famous” nail polishes and think, *sigh* what a lovely color, I was so glad I stood in line for this color in Paris in front of the Chanel store / I tramped to Las Vegas to the opening of the so-and-so boutique / that time I flew to Tokyo… (actually, I don’t think anyone ever said or thought that).
But, nonetheless, there are certain older polishes or collections, that are the little black dress of nail polish crazies. And these are the ones that Cait from Polish Hound and Erin from Paint Those Piggies! and I will bring to you every last Friday of the month. ARE YOU EXCITED?
OPI Elephantastic Pink_Claires_2

In the true spirit of this blog, I will try my best to make the posts How-I-wore-it-style. I did manage with this nailstagic polish: OPI Elephantastic Pink.
OPI Elephantastic Pink_Claires_3

Elephantastic Pink is part of the India Collection. As India is my number one choice of a country for hanging out, food and shopping as well as general other more reasonable holiday activities, I’m still trying to find all the polishes. Should you come by Royal Rajah Ruby and Black Cherry Chutney, think of me?
OPI Elephantastic Pink_Claires_7

The formula of Elephantastic Pink is good, it has a jelly look to it because it dries so shiny. I used two coats for full coverage.
OPI Elephantastic Pink_Claires_6

Clearly I had to work the nostalgic theme into my post, so I decided to show you a super old and picturesque barn and my remotely retro sunglasses. I’m also a little bit nostalgic about the t-shirt, because I used to wear it a lot and now I don’t anymore. Wow, you can really see I made an effort there!
OPI Elephantastic Pink_Claires_5

I hadn’t worn Elephantastic Pink in so long, I decided to wear it for more than a day, so on day two I added some pink neon glitters from Claire’s on the tips. It’s a matte neon pink chunky glitter nail polish (not my description) by the name of Junk. It’s barely visible over Elephantastic Pink, but it blended in nicely and I sort of liked it.
OPI Elephantastic Pink_Claires_4

t-shirt: H&M, jeans: WE, shoes: TOMS, sunglasses: Marc Jacobs, environment: nature.
OPI Elephantastic Pink_Claires_8

What do you think of Nailstalgia? What nail polish are you nailstalgic about? You can leave some suggestions for next month’s Nailstalgia post, if you want to!

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6 thoughts on “Nailstalgia: How I wore OPI Elephantastic Pink

  1. Very cute post! I love old stuff so that barn is right up my alley! We actually have a 1970 VW near the woods in my front yard, makes for some cool pics in the winter!!! TOMS! I love them, I’m looking for the “TOMS LOVES MOMS” pair that they came out with forever ago. I love Elephantastic! I don’t own it and need it though!

  2. Elephantastic Pink gefällt mir voll gut! Ich hab auch viele alte Lacke, die ich früher voll oft getragen hab, allerdings vergeht mir jetzt jede Lust drauf, wenn ich merk, dass die Konsistenz bissl mühsam geworden ist ;-)

    • Also bei manchen ist die Konsistenz nach wie vor top. zB Bei Elephantastic Pink habe ich überhaupt keine Beschwerden, oder bei manchen ur alten Dior-Lacken, die halten sich nach wie vor top.

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