Cult Nails Mind Control_1

Sunday Spam: Cult Nails

Hello and welcome to the first Cult Nails Spam on this blog. Maria, who is the creator of Cult Nails has created a hoard of pretties which are all thought through, tested, re-tested and presented with great love and understanding of the art of polishing quickly and effortlessly. You may suspect that I’m an avid buyer of her products… and you’re right. I have posted about Cult Nails repeatedly, especially in connection to my How I wore it posts. But today I want to show you the polishes that I was too lazy to make an outfit post with.

Cult Nails Ay Poppy! is a flaming red orange creme that is super shiny and applies easily. The color really is super vibrant and very flattering. 2 coats.
Cult Nails Ay Poopy!_1

Cult Nails Enticing is a sheer pink jelly. I’m showing you three thin coats here. I’m not a big jelly fan and so far no polish has changed my mind about that.
Cult Nails Enticing_1_1

Cult Nails Feeling Froggy is a medium green that looks slightly blue tinted in this picture, but it is not. It applies like a dream and has a lovely light green shimmer to it. 2 coats.
Cult Nails Feelin Froggy_2_1

Cult Nails Happy Ending (1 coat over KIKO 428) is a mix of shredded glitters in a clear base. The colors of the glitters are gold, blue and orange/red. I was a big fan of shredded glitter about a year ago but I’m completely over it. I guess time changes taste.
Cult Nails Happy Ending_KIKO 428_1_1

Cult Nails Kiss my Rose Bush is a chalky matte pink polish. I love the color but I’m not too fond of matte on my own nails. It is, however, one of two matte polishes I kept in my stash, so you can imagine how good the formula is and how much I like the color. 2 coats.
Cult Nails Kiss my Rose Bush_1

Cult Nails Let’s get dirty (on the tipps: nails inc york, a feathered polish) is a mix grey and beige with just the slightest hint of pink. It was immediately snatched by my friend K., who incidentally needed that exact color. I think this color is universally flattering, and it looks particularly gorgeous on K. 2 coats.
Cult Nails Let's get dirty_nails inc york_1

Cult Nails Mind Control is a dark polish with a color shift from green to purple. The polish isn’t sheer and doesn’t have to be layered and it is perfectly dark and ominous. 2 coats.
Cult Nails Mind Control_1

Any favorites?

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