Your weekly dose of Holo: Milani Hi Tech

I hope you’re not bored by an old holo, as they do deserve their spotlight! Today I’m showing you Milani Hi-Tech, which is a green scattered holographic polish.

I’m wearing three coats here; the third one was for good measure and not really necessary. In indirect light, especially in the lightbox but also in the shade, the holographic effect is barely visible and the polish looks only like a faint, grayish green.
Milani Hi-Tech_1

With flash the rainbow effect is much more visible, but it is scattered, so the light reflecting particles are bigger and the effect has less of a clear rainbow look to it.
Milani Hi-Tech_2 Milani Hi-Tech_3 Milani Hi-Tech_4 Milani Hi-Tech_5


What do you think of Milani Hi-Tech?

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3 responses to “Your weekly dose of Holo: Milani Hi Tech

  1. Looks great!! :)
    lets follow each other? :)

  2. Dieser Lack gefällt mir sehr, nämlich auch in normalem Licht! Hättest wieder mal Lust auf ein Treffen? Dann nehm ich alle meine Swatchsticks mit :-)

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