SparRitual Courage_1_1

Sunday Spam: random pink #1

After oh so many Sundays without my favorite color, this Sunday we’ll go PINK!

KIKO Sugar Mat 642 is a textured fuchsia polish with gold shimmer. 2 coats.
KIKO sugar mat 642_1
Misa Something Borrow is a bubble gum pink jelly. 3 coats.
Misa Something Borrow_1
Misa Together As One is a baby pink jelly. 3 coats.
Misa Together as One_1
misslyn sugar babe* is a frosty sheer light pink. 3 coats.
misslyn sugar babe_1
models own bubble gum is a neon pink that dries to a satin finish (first pic). 2 coats.
Models Own Bubble Gum_1Models Own Bubble Gum_2
models own pro candys night is a medium blue-toned pink crème polish. One of my favorites! 2 coats.
Models Own Pro Candy's Night_1
Spa Ritual Courage is a rosé shimmer polish with silver micro flakes. 3 coats.
SparRitual Courage_1_1
Spa Ritual Wellness is a slight pink – almost white jelly polish. 3 coats.
SpaRitual Wellness
 Sephora by OPI Handpicked for me (over Orly frolic) is a sheer slightly pink shimmer topcoat. 1 coat.
SOPI Handpicked for e_Orly Frolic_1
pixi mother of pearl (over Catrice “Une Deux Trois” Meet Pinky) is a pink topcoat with shimmer and tiny glitters.
pixi mother of pearl_Catrice Une, Deux, Trois meet pinky_1
picture polish fairy floss is a baby pink pastel crème polish. 2 coats.
picture polish fairy floss_1
Orly preamp is a polish that reminds me of a purple orchid, but then with intense golden, almost bronze looking shimmer. One of my favorite Orly polishes. 2 coats.
Orly Preamp_2
 Orly frolic is a happy, almost neon, purple that leans magenta in some lights. 2 coats.
Orly Frolic_1
Kat von D no regrets (over Nubar Honeysuckle) is a glassfleck pink polish that is rather sheer, so I prefer it layered. 2 coats.
Nubar Honeysuckle_KatvonD No regrets_1
nails inc princess arcade (over Illamasqua  DWS) is a pink and holographic glitter topper. It is very dense! 1 coat.
Nails Inc Princess arcade_Illamasqua DWS_1
nails-inc-hook-st*  is a coral crème polish with a very shiny finish. 2 coats.
nails inc Hook St_1
models own bubble gum is a foily looking vibrant fuchsia. Adorable. 2 coats.
Models Own Tickled Pink_1

* Products marked with a * were sent to me for review.

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