HEMA Holographic Copper_2_1

Your weekly dose of Holo: HEMA holographic Copper, Blue and Bordeaux

Today is a special Holo/Saturday: I want to show you three holographic polishes at once! These are from HEMA, a dutch chain store. I love HEMA for multiple reasons – they have cute house hold items, food, clothes, even bikes. Everything is designed in a nice way, so it appeals to the eye (of many women.)! HEMA changed their rather boring beauty counters in the last year or so, and added a line of six holographic polishes. I’ll show you the first three today. The first picture shows the polish in indirect light whereas the second one shows the polish photographed with flash. I used two coats for each of these swatches.

First up is holographic copper, which is more of a dirty gold / sand colored polish.
HEMA Holographic Copper_1_1HEMA Holographic Copper_2_1

Next we have holographic blue. HEMA didn’t go very creative here, we’ve seen multiple blue holographic polishes. It is however, easily accessible (for the Dutchies!) and affordable.
HEMA Holographic Blue_1_1HEMA Holographic Blue_2_1

Then we have holographic bordeaux, which is genius. The color is so saturated and the scattered holo effect adds intensity and depth to the color. I can’t really tell if it is purple or eggplant or Bordeaux, so it is clearly perfect.
HEMA Holographic Bordeaux_1HEMA Holographic Bordeaux_3HEMA Holographic Bordeaux_2

Did you get the chance to try any of these polishes? Do you like them?

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8 thoughts on “Your weekly dose of Holo: HEMA holographic Copper, Blue and Bordeaux

  1. I gave these a passing glance last year, but they didn’t strike me as anything special. The sandy one looks quite nice and I don’t think I had paid any attention to it.

    • actually I like these a lot! The blue and green are not that interesting to me, but I really like bordeaux. Also I find those subtle scattered holos to be quite flattering, so for me this was a win :D

  2. I went to the netherlands in april for the first time. I only bought about six hema polishes (I think) but I haven´t seen any one of the holographic polishes (I´m sure I would remember :D ). I think I have to go there again or do you know if I can order it online?

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