RBL Orbis non sufficit_1

Rescue Beauty Lounge: Hot or not?

I don’t know if you know, but there are certain polishes in nail polish land that have an impact on nail polish lovers to an extent that is comparable with the average woman and Jimmy Choo’s collection for H&M. Fandom is something the Beatles took to new levels, and these days, fashion icons live on waves of popularity. As do bloggers, and therefore, blogger-hyped nail polishes. And blogger collabs. And that is how I got to meet… Rescue Beauty Lounge.

I have a lot to say about hyped polishes (or generally hyped products), but it eventually ends in a rant about leggings. And there’s clearly no place for leggings (ever), but this is supposed to be about Rescue Beauty Lounge and what I think of the brand. Let me take away the suspense and tell you, that I really, really love the nail polishes I own from RBL. That was easy, wasn’t it?

The polish that drew me to the brand first was Halcyon. The color was created with a fan, and for me it was love at first sight. The muted sage green with pink shimmer is totally something I fall for. The formula is rather thin, so I used three coats.
RBL Halcyon_1Catherine H is a dusty periwinkle blue with fine golden and silver shimmer and a bit of purple shimmer. It applies nicely and evenly with two coats.
RBL Catherine H_1

Locavore (shown here over RBL Orbis non sufficit) is a mix of golden, green, magenta and turquoise glitter in a clear base. I used one coat over the fir green base color, but if you want to wear it on its own, you should be fine with applying two coats.
RBL Locavore_RBL Orbis non sufficit_1

Orbis non sufficit is a deep, fir green creme. It is very calm and very pretty. I used one coat for perfect, even coverage.
RBL Orbis non sufficit_1

Do you have a favorite out of these, or do you have another favorite RBL polish? I must say that these pictures have accumulated over time and by now, I have acquired a couple of shades more… among them the hyped shade “Scrangie”, which I’ll report on back later. In conclusion, I think some of these shades definitely deserve the hype, and the price tag is justified by the quality. What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Rescue Beauty Lounge: Hot or not?

  1. I have a LOT of RBL shades that I love…Catherine H & Locavore like above, Turn It Around, Aqua Lily, Jack [In The Pulpit]. But I also have some that have formulas which don’t justify the price. I DO get hooked on the blogger hype once in a while though- it’s hard not too!

    • I definitely get hooked – how else would I explain the immense amount of nail polish in my flat ;) I like turn it around and naked without polish, and I recently got my hands on Scrangie. Let’s see if that holds up to my expectations :)

  2. Halcyon u Catherine H sind echt was besonderes! Mit Locavore kann ich auf der anderen Seite gar nix anfangen.
    Generell bin ich bezüglich RBL bissl gespalten. Den Preis find ich eigentlich zu hoch, aber ok, es sind teilweise wirklich außergewöhnliche Lacke. Allerdings finde ich die themes der Kollektionen einfach zu übertrieben ‘hochgeistig’. Ich steh an sich schon auf sowas, aber bei RBL fehlt mir bissl der Witz und die Leichtigkeit dahinter.

    • ja das stimmt, mit den letzten Kollektionsbeschreibungen hat sich die gute Frau RBL auch ordentlich ins Knie geschossen. Ist ja nur Nagellack, lass gut sein – das dachte ich mir zumindest. Manche Farben sind allerdings wirklich super, und die behalte ich auch gern :)

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