ILNP Sirene_3

ILNP Sirene

Good Morning! Are you over your Monday blues? I personally have a Tuesday blues rather than a Monday blues, but hey, what am I complaining about, I love my job, the weather is nice, I have no problems.

Unlike those poor little sailors who were lured into instant death by the sing-song of the sirens. Not much is known about the looks of the sirens, but isn’t it funny that in the old ages, they were portrayed as birds with a human head, and then later on (in the middle ages) as humans with a fishtail? I guess that’s a typical problem of the telephone game.

However, if the sirens had any similarity (or their fishtail or feathers) with this nail polish, I can imagine the sailors were blinded. ILNP Sirene is modeled after its deadly but beautiful example, don’t you think?
ILNP Sirene_3 ILNP Sirene_2ILNP Sirene_1

Tell me, are you team siren or team sailor?

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7 thoughts on “ILNP Sirene

  1. Hi, I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award. I hope you’ll accept!!! I’ve attached the link for you :)

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