Chanel Vert Sacrilège_SOPI as gold as it gets_1

Chanel Vert Sacrilège


Do you also have a thing for old stuff? I certainly do – every time I find something interesting, I have this interest to find out what was before it. So it comes naturally to me to explore older nail polishes – most of them are either VHTF or HTF, or simply not to find, or overly expensive. As a third option, I can always just check out ChaHeVu’s Blog, because she collects (mostly) Chanel polishes, and is super informed about everything surrounding her collection.
Chanel Vert Sacrilège_3

But sometimes, I’m lucky, and someone offers me to try out one of their old nail polishes… and that is how I got to try Chanel Vert Sacrilège too. Thank you B.!!
Chanel Vert Sacrilège_1

In terms of formula, this polish is near disaster. It needs three coats, and it took long to dry (despite a topcoat!). But in terms of looks, Vert Sacrilège is quite cool – the color is a very dark emerald green that is so dark it looks black around the edges. It also has a slight duochrome effect which is mainly visible in the bottle, but it adds to the depth of the color.
Chanel Vert Sacrilège_2

I decided to spice this manicure up for day two, so I added a coat of Sephora by OPI Only Gold for me on the index and pinkie, and studs on the middle and ring finger. I liked this combination a lot, and I was really happy to have been able to wear Vert Sacrilège!
Chanel Vert Sacrilège_SOPI as gold as it gets_1

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7 thoughts on “Chanel Vert Sacrilège

    • Ach, Lacke warden ja nicht hinnig :) Das ist ja das gute dran (außer man haut Nagellackentferner zum “verdünnen” hinein, dann wird der Lack mit Sicherheit kaput), “Investitionen für’s Leben” :D

  1. I LOVE this blog. I love “old” polishes, too, and think the way you ended up wearing it with the Sephora by OPI Only Gold for me and studs was awesome!

  2. Der Post erinnert mich an etwas, das ich lieber vergessen möchte … Ich hab Vert Sacrilège gehabt und dann irgendwann vor 2 Jahren oder so habe ich mich kühn und mutig entschlossen, Nagellacke auszumisten – zu dem Zeitpunkt nicht begreifend, dass man Chanel-Lacke grundsätzlich nicht ausmistet. Und so ist Vert Sacrilège im M.I.S.T.K.Ü.B.E.L gelandet … ogott, mir wird gleich schlecht …

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