Zoya Sunshine_1

Sunday Spam: Zoya #2

Happy Sunday! Today we put the focus on Zoya, one of my favorite brands and a very reliable one at that – there’s always one or two polishes from the collection that I have to have, so they’re reliably interesting ;).

Zoya Arabella is a magenta glittery texture. 2 coats.
Zoya Arabella_1

Zoya Belinda is a shimmery dark purple that leans blue and has the tiniest magenta microglitter within. 2 coats.
Zoya Belinda_1

Zoya Cassedy is a super shiny gunmetal metallic polish. I can’t really tell if it’s a foil or not because it is so shiny. 2 coats.
Zoya Cassdey_1

Zoya Charla is not one, but the teal glassfleck. Seriously, there is no other like it. I won’t even try to describe it. If you like teal on your nails, this is a must. 2 coats.
Zoya Charla_1

Zoya Dhara is a vibrant orange Pixie Dust (aka a texture polish). I love the strong golden glow! 2 coats.
Zoya Dhara_1
Zoya Dove is a light grey creme. It was a good and strong competitor, but the KIKO creme in the same shade finally won my hart. 2 coats.
Zoya Dove_1

Zoya Giovanna is a shimmery green with a strong hint of blue.2 coats.
Zoya Giovanna_1

Zoya Hunter is a glossy, jelly looking, fir green creme. 2 coats.
Zoya Hunter_1

Zoya Kimber (with butter LONDON West End Wonderland on the tips) is a vibrant strawberry pink with intense golden microglitters throughout. 2 coats.
Zoya Kimber bL West end wonderland_1

Zoya Livingston is a fiery red creme that looks as glossy as a jelly. Very pretty, but not as pretty as Cult Nails Evil Queen. 2 coats.
Zoya Livingston_1

Zoya Louise is a chocolate brown creme. 2 coats.
Zoya Louise_1

Zoya Mason is a reddish aubergine to blueish purple shifting polish with orange, golden and fuchsia microglitters. It looks like it glows from within! 2 coats.
Zoya Mason_1

Zoya Mosheen (over Zoya Belinda) is a glitter topper with tiny blue bar glitters and small iridiscent glitters in a slightly blue tinted base. 1 coat.
Zoya Mosheen_Zoya Belinda_1

Zoya Neve is a night blue shimmer. 2 coats.
Zoya Neve_1

Zoya Nimue is a grey lavender shimmer with an almost metallic looking finish. My mother’s favorite.2 coats.
Zoya Nimue_1

Zoya Pepper is a baked beans colored creme polish. I wouldn’t know how else to describe this mix of brown and red! 2 coats.
Zoya Pepper_1

Zoya Rica is a fiery orange polish that looks coral because of all the golden microflecks. Gorgeous! 3 coats.
Zoya Rica_1

Zoya Seraphina is a white shimmer polish, interspersed with silver flecks. 2 coats.
Zoya Seraphina_1

Zoya Sunshine is a blue texture polish, another Pixie Dust. It has silver glitter, and covers in two coats.
Zoya Sunshine_1


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