How I wore it: Lumina Lacquer Crushing Candy

Today I want to not only talk about the awesome Lumina Lacquer polish called Crushing Candy, but also about blogger events.
Lumina Lacquer Crusing Candy Rituals_3

First things first: For this manicure I applied one coat of Lumina Lacquer Crushing Candy over a greyish blue from Rituals (shown here). Crushing Candy is my newest glitter topper crush. the big yellow and white dots make such a happy combination with those smaller green, purple, red, yellow and blue dots!!

Before I start you need to know that I have a full time job that is, by its definition, and not due to my employers, rather inflexible.
Lumina Lacquer Crusing Candy Rituals_2

I don’t have time to introduce myself personally to PR reps, so I resort to e-mail, which seems reasonable. I try to keep it polite – maybe a little too polite at times, as I will address the PR representatives formally at first – and to a necessary but friendly amount of communication. As me blogging about a certain product benefits a company (even bad news is news!), and I get to try a certain product, it seems that working with companies and their PR teams should be easy.
Lumina Lacquer Crusing Candy Rituals_1

Recently though I have come to wonder. Some companies always send me a limited amount of their products (where as I prefer the ones where I can choose the product, for obvious reasons), some send me random things, some products I get monthly. All in all I don’t receive many PR products, which is also due to the niche subject of a blog I’m writing about. That I don’t mind particularly much – although if anyone reads this, I would need a new skin lotion – as I don’t want to try random things that I know I will not like, cherish or keep for longer than 3 minutes.

So what brings us to blogger events? I was recently invited to an event for blogger which I found really interesting. It was, obviously, one related to nail polish, and I couldn’t go. Why, you ask? Because it was literally in the middle of the day, but in such a way, that I couldn’t possibly use my lunch break for it. So for someone who earns the money to buy their product, the event isn’t accessible.
Lumina Lacquer Crusing Candy Rituals_4

t get. Tell me, am I being to critical or do I have a point?
Lumina Lacquer Crusing Candy Rituals_5

Skirt: Escada, cardigan: J.Crew factory, shoes: found them in the sales rack in Gallerie Lafayette, various collection of necklaces, ring: H&M; on the lips: Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Portrait.
Lumina Lacquer Crusing Candy Rituals_6

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