W7 Mosaic_BB Couture Moon over Manhatten_1

Sunday Spam: random blue


I sincerely hope none of you feels blue today, or that I have this effect on anyone if I show you a whole bunch of blue nail polishes today.

W7 Mosaic (two coats over BB Couture Moon over Manhatten, which was, in retrospect, unnecessary) is a polish filled with lime green and purple glitters in a somewhat half opaque light blue base.
W7 Mosaic_BB Couture Moon over Manhatten_1

W7 Blue Debris (over a random grey) is a topcoat consistent of different shapes of glitter in black, white and blue. 1 coat.
W7 blue debris over grey_1

Spa Ritual Energy: a dusty light blue. 2 coats.
spa ritual energy_1_1

Rituals Winter Blue is a squishy creme polish in midnight blue packed with teensy tiny silver glitters. 2 coats.
Rituals Winter Blue_1

Man Glaye ILF is a turquoise matte polish. It dries amazingly flat. 2 coats – the below picture shows ILF with topcoat, so you can see the shimmer.
ManGlaze ILF_1ManGlaze ILF_2

Maybelline Beaming Blue is part of the brocades collection – basically all these polishes are glitters in dense shimmers. This one has a duochrome effect and looks partially purple. I love glitters but somehow this is a bit too much for me. 2 coats.
Maybelline Beaming Blue_1

Lakmé Misty Grey is a blue/grey jelly polish. Lakmé is an Indian brand that K. showed me. They offer a wide range of rather basic colors, but they have some nice exceptions also.
Lakmé Misty Grey_2

Lime Crime Once in a blue Mousse and different dimension light it up blue (3 coats on its own on my ring finger, over Once in a blue Mousse on my middle finger) – Once in a blue Mousse is a pastel light blue, light it up blue is a light blue jelly with iridiscent glitters and white glitters that glows in the dark.
lime crime once in a blue mousse_different dimension light it up blue_1

Just matt Divage 5603 is an Iyes Klein blue polish that dries to a satin finish. 2 coats.
Just matt Divage 5603_1

Joe Fresh Wave / Vague is a baby blue creme. Joe Fresh is a Canadian brand, some of their colors are very, very pretty! 2 coats.
Joe Fresh Wave Vague_1_1

Impala tweet’s metalizado is a sheer blue shimmer. 3 coats.
Impala Rebele tweet's metalizado_1

IsaDora Polar Nights is a dark blue jelly with two sizes of silver glitters. I think its adorable. 2 coats.
IsaDora Polar Nights_1

Jesse’s Girl Confetti (over nails inc garrick street) is a sheer shimmery polish that adds a sparkly duochrome effect over darker polishes. 1 coat.
jesses girl confetti_nails inc garrick street_2

IsaDora Disco Ball is a glitter topper consisting of square hilographic glitters, smaller iridescent and holographic glitters and blue glitter. I layered one coat over essence life is a freeride.
IsaDora Disco ball_essence life is a freeride_1

HEMA Glitter blue (over Manhatten Bonnie Strange 003) is a dense mix of blue and silver glitters in a jelly blue base. 1 coat.
HEMA Glitter blue over manhatten Bonnie strange 003_!

Funky Fingers Mrs. Mint is a pastel light blue creme. 2 coats.
funky finger mrs mint_2

deborah lippmann Let’s hear it for the boy (pointer and middle) and Illamasqua Caress (ring, pinkie) are both light blue cremes. Let’s hear it for the boy  is a bit more vivid and darker thatn Caress. I painted OPI Oy another polish joke on the tips. 2 coats each.
DL Let's hear it for the boy_Illamasqua Caress_OPI Oy another  polish joke_4DL Let's hear it for the boy_Illamasqua Caress_OPI Oy another  polish joke_2

depend 5007 (over NARS Pokerface) is the last of the crackles I still have (had…). It’s a beautyful blue.
depend 5007_NARS Pokerface_1

Borghese Mediterraneo Sea is mix of purple, blue and turquoise glitters in a dark blue jelly that dries matte. 2 coats.
Borghese Mediterraneo Sea_1

American Apparel Redondo Beach (sandwhiched in between: love & beauty clear silver and Urban Decay Love Light) is a very sheer jelly in light blue.
American Apparel Redondo Beach_love&beauty clear silver_Urban Decay Love Light_1_1_1

American Apparel Mount Royal is a royal blue creme. 1 coat.
American Apparel Mount Royal_1_1

agnès b indigo is a royal blue shimmer. 2 coats.
agnes b mini bleu indigo_1_1

Now tell me, do you have a favorite blue?

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