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How I wore it: Pretty & Polished May Flower

Hope you had fun Easter holidays! I ate much too much chocolate, eggs, chocolate, eggs…. But it was totally worth it.
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Today we’re taking a look at Pretty & Polished May Flower. I recently placed an order at Pretty & Polished, as I only once or twice tried a pretty & polished nail polish (actually, this one, which started my love for thermal polishes). I’m wearing two coats of May Flower.
pretty and polished May Flower_2

Firstly, the order took a little more than a month to arrive, which I consider rather long. Most of my orders from oversea arrive after a max of 4 weeks. Maybe it was shipped by ground, I couldn’t tell from the box. The polishes were all packed properly and nicely and so were the other products I ordered (cuticle balm and sugar scrub).
pretty and polished May Flower_3

May Flower is a thermal polish that changes from an almost neon looking mint color to a very pale, almost white creme. The base color is packed with glitters in shades of  purple and pink, and there are also flower shaped glitters. I’m totally into thermal polishes and I adore a good glitter-in-creme-base polish, so obviously I’m a total fan of May Flower.
pretty and polished May Flower_4

Removal is, as has to be expected, a bit more of a nuisance than the removal of a plain creme polish. You can help yourself with those peel-off base coats (all the companies offer one by now!), or with the foil removal method.
pretty and polished May Flower_6

We spent Easter in the mountains, and while it was windy, it was sunny and not too cold. Spending a few days outside the city means that I pack the bare minimum of clothes. There’s not much to do there anyhow, and I don’t want to be one of those foolish tourists from Vienna who stroll around the lake in heels and silk scarfs.
pretty and polished May Flower_5

Mostly what we do is hike, or run, or take a bike ride, or read and play games. It’s really very relaxing – but when I was younger I found that spending my holidays this way was the most boring thing ever. 
pretty and polished May Flower_0

Now I don’t mind taking a book and sitting in the sun to read for a couple of hours. I can even appreciate the view of the snowy mountain tops, even though when I was going through pubert, I would have exchanged mountains for sky scrapers and flower fields for shopping streets in a heartbeat.
pretty and polished May Flower_8

I’m wearing: pullover and jeans by WE; shirt by Marco Polo; shoes by Converse, earring were a gift from my mum; sunglasses by Marc Jacobs; blue bracelet by ApreciouZ, grey bracelet by NewOne.
pretty and polished May Flower_7

Did you also only come to appreciate quiet and nature a bit later, or were you a sporty, nature-loving teenager?

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8 thoughts on “How I wore it: Pretty & Polished May Flower

  1. I love mountains and hiking in the mountains. Austrian and South German Alps are one of my fave places :) It’s been too long, when I last was there.

    Love the nail polish too :)

  2. You’re Austrian? I had no idea. I went to Austria last year, it’s such a beautiful country. I went to Vienna and Kitzbühel. And the polish is gorgeous too by the way!

  3. Also der Lack schaut so schön aus! Das Türkis und Rosa sind voll cool zusammen und passt dir auch super :-) Vielleicht kann ich mir den Lack ja mal ausborgen … ?? Den Look und vor allem die Armbänder finde ich auch sehr lässig.
    Mir war die Stadt eigentlich schon immer lieber als Natur und Berge und das ist auch heute noch so. Wenns allerdings mal an die 40 Grad hat wie im letzten Sommer dann pack ich die Stadt auch nicht mehr! Zur Zeit beschränken sich meine Ausflüge ins Grüne auf Höhenstraßentouren und selbst das nur mit dem Auto und wenn ich aussteig, dann höchstens für einen Drink oder Snack in dem überteuerten Schickimickilokal am Kahlenberg ;-)

    • kannst du bestimmt! Solltest du sogar – die pretty & polished Lacke sind echt fabelhaft.
      Ich bin eigentlich auch ein Stadtkind. Ich sitze lieber in einem Café mitten in der Stadt als alleine auf einer Wiese. Aber langsam, ganz langsam, sehe ich auch die Vorzüge von ab-und-zu-Wiese ;) (und/oder dem Weinwandertag im September, das ist auch “so naturbelassen”.)

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