Sinful Colors Treasure Chest_! copy

Sunday Spam: Sinful Colors

Today I would like to show you quite a couple of Sinful Color polishes. These are mostly textured polishes. Sinful Colors is, as far as I know, not very popular in Europe. I have seen Sinful Colors polishes being sold in France, but I haven’t seen them anywhere else. The polishes are very affordable and have a wide range of colors, so you can imagine they are rather popular drugstore polishes.

Sinful Colors Blue Persuasion is a deep purple leaning blue with lavender glitters. The polish dries to a semi-gritty texture, but it doesn’t dry matte. I used two coats. Sinful Colors Blue Persuasion_1

Sinful Colors Drumroll (over L’oréal Pistachio Cream) is a dreamy glitter topper that is mostly a faint shimmer, but it has few multicolored glitter pieces throughout the shimmery base. I used 1 coat.
Sinful Colors Drumroll_Loreal Pistachio Cream_1

Sinful Colors Emerald Envy is a medium green texture polish with gold shimmer. It doesn’t dry as matte as the Zoya Pixie Dusts. I used two coats.
Sinful Colors Emerald Envy_1

Sinful Colors Face the Facets is a yellow texture. It’s rather sheer so I had to use three coats.
Sinful Colors Face the Facets_1

Sinful Colors Got a blush on you is a magenta textured polish with blue shimmer. I used two coats.
Sinful Colors Got a blush on you_!

Sinful Colors Leap Flog is a grey creme. I think grey cremes are wonderfully elegant, and this one is no exception. 2 coats.
sinful colors leap flog_1_1

Sinful Colors Orange Crush is an orange textured polish. It is a bit too warm for my taste and it dries the least gritty and/or matte of the whole bunch of textures. 2 coats.
Sinful Colors Orange Crush_1

Sinful Colors Purple Gleam is a pastel looking lavender texture with gold shimmer. 2 coats.
Sinful Colors Purple Gleam_1

Sinful Colors Ruby Mine is a strawberry red texture with gold shimmer. 2 coats.Sinful Colors Ruby Mine_1

Sinful Colors Slate is a grey with silver shimmer. It has a very good formula and no brush streakes, because it doesn’t have a metallic finish, even though it looks a bit like it. 2 coats.Sinful Colors Slate_1

Sinful Colors Treasure Chest is an aqua texture with gold shimmer. 2 coats.
Sinful Colors Treasure Chest_! copy

All in all I would recommend Sinful Colors polishes for those who like to choose from a big color range and don’t want to spend a lot to just try out a nail polish trend. The textures were not my favorites, I’m not too fond of the texture trend anymore. However, I did like Treasure Chest, the color/shimmer combination is lovely!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Spam: Sinful Colors

  1. Ah SC textures! Lovely. We have SC in the UK, but only the core line not any of the limited editions. Which is a shame as I have some of the Leather Effect ones and they are stunning

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