KOH Platinum Silver!_6

Your weekly dose of Holo: KOH Platinum Silver!

I don’t know if many of you have heard of the brand KOH – they’re a medium – high range nail polish brand from the Netherlands (with a really cute spa in the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam!). The polish most polish freaks like me love is Platinum Silver!, which is a really awesome silver holographic polish. The polishes come in a cute lipstick case with mirror!
KOH Platinum Silver!_6

I used two coats, the polish applies very well for a silver holographic – no bald patches.  This is how it looks like in indirect light.
KOH Platinum Silver!_1

It looks absolutely amazing when photographed with flash, I’m talking double rainbows and all. 
KOH Platinum Silver!_2 KOH Platinum Silver!_3 KOH Platinum Silver!_4 KOH Platinum Silver!_5

Do you know KOH? Any favorites in colors?

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10 thoughts on “Your weekly dose of Holo: KOH Platinum Silver!

  1. I know KOH and I own about 15 or 20 polishes of them. They are cheaper in Holland, in Germany you have to pay around 20 Euros per bottle.

  2. It must have been reformulated, because mine patches like hell, no matter what I put under it. I bought it 4 years ago, I think. And I have to admit, besides swatching, I never really have worn it, because of the patching. But it’s one of the best in your face holo’s, I must say.

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