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Sunday Spam: OPI #7 (do you think I have too many?!)

Well, as the title says…. Do you? Do you think I have too many? Do you want to know what I think? I mean, clearly the answer is yes… but let’s not admit the obvious, you already know anyhow.

OPI Don’t pretzel my buttons. Two coats, creamy and easy to apply. Not too rosy for me, that’s a plus!
OPI Don't pretzel my buttons_1

OPI Done out in Deco, a creamy, only ever so slightly greyed out lavender pastel creme. Lovely, but I prefer that other purple from the Pirates of the Carribean Collection, whatever it was called. 2 coats.
OPI Done out in Deco_1

OPI French Quarter for your thoughts – I don’t know. It looked boring (hello my beloved grey KIKO cremes, no one will ever take my love away from you!) and needed three coats.
OPI French Quarter for your thoughts_3_1

OPI Hands off my Kielbasa: ugh. You know, I can hold fiery written monologues for colors like Melon of Troy, but this, with the hint of brown in this frosty color… euh. No. 2 coats.
OPI Hands off my Kielbasa_1

OPI Hows it snowing’? Black base, silver glitter, overall charcoal look: count me in. 2 coats (and the same amount of topcoat).
OPI Hows it snowin'?_1

OPI Just tea-sing was, as I initially thought, the perfect nude polish for me. I assume I was either drunk, or out of my mind when this thought manifested in my head because the second time I put this one the disillusionment happened. It looks horrible even after 3 coats, as if I didn’t wash my hands or something. Completely wrong shade of beige for me.
OPI Just tea-sing_1

OPI Moonraker is exactly my kind of color, a silvery metal shade with a hint of blue. Unfortunately this little Moonraker bubbled like the sun. 2 coats.
OPI Moonraker_1

OPI My boyfriend scales walls was so highly recommended by almost all the bloggers I read, so I had to have it. Turns out that either they apply their nail polish in a vacuum or with an airbrush, because I don’t have “no patches after two coats”. I needed at least three, and yes, the color is cool. Nothing to complain about there.
OPI My boyfriend scales walls_1

OPI Pirouette My Whistle, a white glitter in white micro glitter glitter topper. I guess it’s cute, but it bored me. No one pirouetted my whistle here (uuuh, bad pun). One coat over Layla Turquoise Wave.
OPI Pirouette My Whistle_Layla Turquoise Wave_1

Which one is your favorite? And: How many is too many, in your opinion?

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Spam: OPI #7 (do you think I have too many?!)

  1. Mir gefällt Moonraker in der Flasche total gut, aber auf dem Nagel schaut er finde ich fürchterlich aus. Egal wieviele Schichten ich auftrag, man sieht immer komplett die Rillen und Unebenheiten durch :-(

  2. I really like Done Out in Deco + Moonraker… Moonraker especially because it looks edgy (a little futuristic), and I just imagined it on my short, stubby fingers and it might actually look good on my tone. Hehehe… But yes, my next nail paint buy has to either be that reflective one (holographic type) you spoke about earlier and a nice, confetti polish.

  3. It’s okay to have too many, I’m the last person to answer that. I think shopping is therapeutic! Whether it’s clothes or make-up, I have bought a lot of stuff sometimes and I’m not sure why. And it’s not like I’m rich either! But eh, it makes me happy. What else to say? :-) So yeah, it’s cool basically! Okay, shutting up. Bye!

    • that’s why I love reading your blog – I get to read about so many inspiring enterprises, I absolutely love that! And I’d rather givemy money to someone who is building up something new, than say Zara…

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