deborah lippmann Money Now Sleep Later

It is Friday and the name of this polish just fits: Money Now, Sleep Later – isn’t that what life as a young adult feels like sometimes? Ah well, even though I sleep enough (at least I hope so), I think sometimes it’s fun to complain. Don’t worry about me, I love my job.

So back to Money Now Sleep Later: the polish is a gorgeous duochrome brought to us by deborah lippmann.
deborah lippmann money now sleep later_1

The color shifts from teal to purple. I especially like this polish because it doesn’t have to be layered over black to look awesome. I find it highly annoying if something is pretty only if layered over black, if pictured under water and preferably only in the light of the full moon on a Sunday.
deborah lippmann money now sleep later_2

I must say that I absolutely love deborah lippmann glitter polishes – obviously, as I’m drawn to glitter like Ikarus was to the sun. Despite my obvious preference for glitter, the other deborah lippmann polishes I own are fabulous also, independent of their finish, the application is always great.
deborah lippmann money now sleep later_3

Do you actually still look at “normal” duochromes, or have you jumped the bandwaggon and only look at multichromes with a holographic finish? Which deborah lippmann polish is your favorite?  deborah lippmann money now sleep later_4

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6 responses to “deborah lippmann Money Now Sleep Later

  1. i love this nail polish! really nice colors!
    when i wear duochromes i cant stop looking on my nails… ;)

  2. Pretty shade!

  3. This shade and finish is awesome! :)

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