Pretty Serious Liquid Leprechaun_2

Sunday Spam: Indies #2

You most probably realized by now that I have a serious glitter problem. It might not come of any surprise to you that the rise of indie polishes has fueled the fire inside me and made me void of any kind of self control when it comes to glitter polishes. So today I’m presenting you a small amount of what my weak will has let me buy.

gLORIous topcoat – a goldleaf polish, we’ve seen multiples of these polishes by now, but I like this one the best, because the gold flakes are big. 1 coat over essence the wedge.
gLORIous topcoat 22k_essence the wedge_1_1

ILNP Babes in Toyland – this is what started my love affair with ILNP glitters. This is one of the old versions of ILNP polishes, and they stink terribly – but never mind if you love the glitter, right?! 1 coat over OPI Don’t pretzel my buttons.
ILNP Babes in Toyland_OPI Don't pretzel my buttons_1

ILNP Babes in Toyland – 1 coat over OPI Hands off my Kielbasa.
ILNP Babes in Toyland_OPI Hands off my Kielbasa_1

ILNP Don’t trample my roses is a mix of rose and green glitters – pretty much a combination of two of my favorite colors, and then in glitter? Sign me up! Plus, this was the demise of the last bit of left over resistance – ILNP minis. They’re just so handy if you just know you won’t finish a bottle of polish anyhow. 1 coat over OPI Skull&Glossbones.
ILNP Don't trample my roses_OPI Skull&Glossbones_1
ILNP Pinky Ring is a mix of shades of pink glitter and the eventual holographic glitter mixed in. Another win in my books – especially (1 coat) over OPI Gargantuan Green Grape.
ILNP Pinky Ring_OPI Gargantuan Green Grape_1

ILNP She surfs is a mix of turquoise glitters and matte pink squared glitters. It could’ve been more dense in my opinion. I’m wearing one coat over colorama retangulo verde.
ILNP She surfs_colorama retangulo verde_1

lynnderella she lived in a swamp – do I even have to say anything about this? I lovelovelove the older lynnderella glitter mixes. No drama can ever take that away, I love my (small but ever growing lynnderella collection). One coat over Estee Lauder beautiful liar.
lynnderella she lived in a swamp_estee lauder beautiful liar_1_1

Ninja Polish Enter the Dragon stilled my “want” for OPI Mad as a Hatter. I love small glitter mixes and this one is a special beauty.  1 coat over butter LONDON Fashpack.
Ninja Polish Enter the Dragon_butter LONDON Fashpack_1

I had more hope for Nostalgic Lacquer The Brain (2 coats over Nubar Lemon) – I can’t wear it alone (hello, 4 coats?!), even though I love the combination of blue and yellow. I’m just sad the formula didn’t work for me.
Nostalgic Lacquer The Brain_Nubar Lemon_1

[palish] Candy & Rhonnie – okay, this is an old bottle, so the label is not the most appealing, but the polish is cool. I wore one coat over p2 pinkish purple as accents nails.
pahlish candy and rhonnie_p2 pinkish purple_1

pretty serious Liquid Leprechaun is a green jelly filled with green glitters and gold glitters. I LOVE IT. I borrowed this from T. earlier and I immediately knew that I had to have it! So awesome sparkly and green! 2 coats.
Pretty Serious Liquid Leprechaun_2
Pretty Serious Liquid Leprechaun_1

Do you also have a glitter problem?

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Spam: Indies #2

  1. I DEFINITELY have a glitter problem :) I loved almost everything that you showed in this post but you totally blew my mind by revealing that Mad As A Hatter has a dupe! Or even a close relative.

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