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How I wore it: Liquid Sky Lacquer Mint to Be

I assume you, just as well as I, have read countless articles and posts about what every woman should have in her wardrobe. Items featured (at least here in Austria) are: a pair of denim blue jeans. A black dress. A white t-shirt / a white blouse. A pair of comfortable black or navy high heels (as if that existed!). 
Liquid Sky Lacquer Mint to be_Shiseido VI207_8
Not only do all of these articles come to the same conclusion, they also all casually mention to “pimp” the outfit by adding something with color. It may be the colorful bag, or the fancy sunglasses, or they prefer colorful jewelry.
Liquid Sky Lacquer Mint to be_Shiseido VI207_1

Today’s fun accessory is the nail polish. It’s super subtle mint green with a holographic effect called Mint to be. I must admit that I loved it more on swatches than on my nails – I got a little bored from it after wearing it a day, but that is the case with most pastel mint greens.
Liquid Sky Lacquer Mint to be_Shiseido VI207_3

It was my first experience with a polish from Liquid Sky Lacquer – I was panting for the beautiful 24K Gold, a thermal nail polish from Liquid Sky Lacquer, that I finally managed to order (it’s not that I’m too stupid, it’s because it was sold out!).
Liquid Sky Lacquer Mint to be_Shiseido VI207_4

The quality of the nail polish was good. I applied two coats and base- and topcoat. The holographic effect is visible and takes over the color in the sunlight, when it is hard to tell if the nail polish is just silver or mint. In the shade the mint color is more visible, and then the nail polish has an air of understated elegance about it.
Liquid Sky Lacquer Mint to be_Shiseido VI207_5
Back to the everywoman’s wardrobe – what does it mean? Firstly (for the point of this article), I’m going to assume that all of you are female. I assume all of you own pants (except those of you who insist that leggings are pants, which they’re not!).
Liquid Sky Lacquer Mint to be_Shiseido VI207_2

I assume all of you own a t-shirt of some kind, may it be white or not. I think I’m still on a safe road when I assume all of you have a dress (you’re reading a blog about nail polish after all).
Liquid Sky Lacquer Mint to be_Shiseido VI207_0

So if you have everything needed for the everywoman’s wardrobe, why are we so magically drawn to these articles? I can’t tell you. I only know that my “basics” have consistently changed, even more so than the other pieces of my wardrobe. Then again, I wonder, what do women’s magazines tell you is the everywoman’s wardrobe in your country? Don’t be shy, I’d really like to know: is the everywomen really every one’s woman? What are you “supposed” to have in your closet?
Liquid Sky Lacquer Mint to be_Shiseido VI207_7

I’m wearing: blouse: H&M, tank top: H&M, jeans: Uniqlo, necklace: gift from my mum, shoes: Toms, bag: Freitag, sunglasses: Marc Jacobs.

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5 thoughts on “How I wore it: Liquid Sky Lacquer Mint to Be

  1. Ich glaub die erfolgreichsten Beiträge zum Thema Mode (oder einfach Beauty allgemein) sind solche, die die einfachsten und dümmsten Dinge als die Offenbarung schlechthin preisen. Dann ist die 0815-Jeans plötzlich nicht mehr fad, sondern cool und „Basic Equipment“. Ich befürcht, ich bin da auch anfällig für so einen Unsinn. Ich habe mal vor Jahren einen Artikel über die modische Basisausstattung für den Büroalltag entdeckt. Die abgebildeten Kostüme/Hosenanzüge und Accessoires waren ziemlich schirch und im Text wurden teilweise die absurdesten Details zum Maß aller Dinge erhoben. Und ich hüte den Artikel bis jetzt in einer Lade wie ein Heiligtum … :-)

    • hahaha den würde ich ja gerne sehen :) Wenn ich Artikel lese über “bürotaugliche Kleidung” dreht sich mir manchmal der Magen um. Ich will doch bitte nicht im Arbeitsleben wahrgenommen werden als die, die nicht länger als 3 Minuten auf den Megahacken stehen bleiben kann, oder die, die die wenigsten Knöpfe auf der Bluse hat. Oft denke ich mir, Büro ist halt auch nicht immer gleich Büro ;)

  2. I love the holographic nail paint! It’s so pretty! // Apart from that, I so know what you mean about the whole what you should have in your closet bit… I think I used to buy into that a lot before. But that was before I discovered what I really like, and what made me feel comfortable, hehe. Ooh, also, I would pick brogues/boots/flats/sneakers over heels on any given day! :-)

  3. I have to make a little bookmark of this Mint to Be… it’s really nice! It reminds me of a pair of brogue type shoes I saw at Forever 21 that had just flaps, no laces or straps. Like an old fashioned magician’s pair, probably!

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