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How I wore it: picture polish mallard

Hello everyone, and especially those of you who make my day by commenting on my nail polish adventures. Today I finally have a new How I wore it post for you, it appears that those are your favorites! We’re taking a look at picture polish mallard.
picture polish mallard_1

You must imagine Austria as the ice dessert of nail polishes. We have to order pretty much everything online, and hence it is very difficult to just try something out. We have to rely on swatches, and as it seems to beecome popular to make and edit nail picture in such a way that one can barely tell them apart from a computer generated pictures, many a times I have ordered a nail polish that turned out to look not nearly half as good as the pictures promised me it would be.
picture polish mallard_2

Fast forward to two weekes ago: I finally met C., also known as Elektra King, a fellow nail polish enthusiast and collector. C and I decided to hang out, nail polish craze style. Which means: bring some nail polish, meet at a cafe and talk about nothing else than fashion and nail polish. As this was our first in-person meeting, we decided to swap out one polish (a token for the promise of a second meet up, you’ve been to kindergarden too, haven’t you? that’s how it works!).
picture polish mallard_3

I got to try picture polish mallard, a dark green jelly with flakies. In my head and, as stated above, on many a blogger’s weblog, this nail polish looked genius. And now, that I’ve tried it, I’m glad to announce that I really don’t need to own this – it is pretty, but not as magical as I thought it would be.
picture polish mallard_4

Thanks to C. I saved quite some money (shipping ain’t cheap!) and guess what, our play date worked so good, we’ll hang out again. This time, we’ll most probably swap Elevation Polish (she wants) with KBShimmer (me wants). Isn’t that super, super cool? Even though making nail polish friends at my age is a bit weird, I’m having fun.
picture polish mallard_5

As spring hits, my make-up choices become happier and greener too. So I decided to pair these turquoise pants from J.Crew with ballerinas with turquoise inlay from Mellow Yellow. As a top I chose my new favorite (cashmere-mix) pullover from Uniqlo. My eyeliner is from butterLONDON (color: Jaded Jack)*, one of my favorite bold-colored eyeliners, as it is so soft and buttery and easy to apply and I just love green!
picture polish mallard_6

So, do you also have nail polish friends? Do you trade in polishes like we used to trade in stickers?

*sent for review.

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9 thoughts on “How I wore it: picture polish mallard

  1. I’d love a polish friend I could trade polish with! That would be awesome. Sounds like a lot of fun, and great that you didn’t spend all that money only to be disappointed

  2. Love your outfit. Those shoes are so cute.
    That’s so sweet that you got together and swapped. Sounds like fun.
    My best girlfriend was into polish before me. We have swapped a few times, such a money saver. The best thing about nail polish friends is you always know what to get for their birthday ;)
    Lately I’ve made lots of online polish friends, but they all live super far away.

    • that’s great that your best friend and you share a passion for polish! Online nail polish friends are cool too, I have two that I set up a somewhat regular swap with. and for other nail polish online friends, we just talk incessently much about nail polish so that’s awesome just as well :)
      PS: YES to the birthday gifts!! ;)

  3. Ich hab mich gestern Abend voll gefreut, wie ich meinen Lack plötzlich auf deinem Blog gesehen habe :-) Cool, dass du ihn schon probiert hast! Und ich finde, du hast recht – der Lack ist nicht so herausragend wie er in der Bloggerwelt präsentiert wurde. Bin froh, dass ich nicht die einzige bin, die das so sieht. Die Flakies sind zwar sehr hübsch, gehen aber eigentlich komplett unter. Vor allem ist der Lack viel dunkler, als ich nach all den Reviews, die ich mir angesehen habe, erwartet hätte. Genau das sieht man auch gut auf deinen Bildern: dass der Lack nämlich beinahe schwarz rüberkommt.

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