China Glaze Loreley's Tiara_Zoya Dove_1

Sunday Spam: China Glaze part 2

Yay, more China Glaze polishes! I absolutely love the brand, I think they produce some really cool polishes, and don’t mind trying something new, even if they fail (in my eyes: the pastel textures and crinkled chromes…!).

China Glaze Bad Kitty! is a firework of iridescent sparkles in a fiery coral base. Absolutely awesome. I used 3 coats.
ChG Bad Kitty_!

China Glaze Champagne Bubbles is a warm golden polish with sparse silver glitters. I like this combination, it’s cute. 2 coats.
CHG Champane Bubbles_1

China Glaze It’s alive! (pinky & pointer) and butter LONDON Swinger (middle & ring finger). It’s alive is a really cool mix of olive green glitters, perfect coverage in two coats. One of my all time favorite China Glazes.
chg its alive_bL swinger_1

China Glaze Optical Illusion is yet another glitter bomb of sparse multicolored glitters in a mix of mostly tealish blue glitters (but with a duochrome shift to purple). As a big fan of glitter, I loved this too. 2 coats.
ChG Optical Illusion_1

China Glaze Pizzazz (over essie instant hot) was on my wishlist for so long and such a disappointment when I got it – it looks like the best multicolored glitter mix, but it is just a “normal” one; also, the silver glitter look takes over too much in my opinion. 1 coat.
Chg Pizzazz_essie instant hot_1

China Glaze 2030 – this shows so perfectly that China Glaze sets trends: years before OPI’s Push&shove, China Glaze released the Khrome collection, which consists of metallic shades that dry to a mirror-like finish. Stamps perfectly too! 2 coats.
china glaze 2030_1

China Glaze Beauty within is a neon magenta that dries to a satin finish. As I love neons but prefer the shimmery ones, this was only almost perfect. 2 coats.
china glaze beauty within_1

China Glaze Def Defying is a grass green creme. I can’t say much about it because this is one of my all-time favorite colors, and this is no exception. Great formula two, 2 coats.
China Glaze Def Defying_1

China Glaze Full Spectrum is the pink/purple equivalent to Optical Illusion above. Love this one too!
China Glaze Full Spectrum_1

China Glaze Hanging in the balance is a medium neon blue creme. So cool, it makes me want to have summer NOW. 2 coats.
China Glaze Hanging in the balance_1

China Glaze Loreley’s Tiara (over Zoya Dove) is a dense mix of silver glitters and blue glitters – I used one coat; you can easily wear it without a base too.
China Glaze Loreley's Tiara_Zoya Dove_1

Which one is your favorite?

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Spam: China Glaze part 2

  1. It’s Alive und Full Spectrum gefallen mir sehr gut!
    Pizzazz hat mich auch total enttäuscht! Ich finde, der Lack wirkt auf dem Nagel nämlich überhaupt nicht bunt, sondern NUR silber. Soweit ich mich jetzt erinnere habe ich ihn überhaupt noch nie verwendet, weil er einfach nur langweilig ist.
    Bei Hanging In The Balance und Def Defying habe ich lange überlegt, ob ich mir die kaufen soll … schauen auch auf deinen Fotos hier super aus :-)

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