Elevation Polish Mount Augustus_1

a bit of Elevation Polish

Happy Thursday! Isn’t it nice to know that those two days of cherished long sleep are almost there? To help with your (and yes, I am projecting my feelings onto others) sleep deprived hard working motivation, I want to show you three super pretty polishes today, all of them from Elevation Polish. Lulu runs her nature – and especially mountain – inspired business over at Elevation Polish.

Black Ice (from the Naughty by Nature Collection) is a charcoal matte polish with the intensest of the intense silver and multicolored shimmer. It applies easily with one coat, and if you apply it carefully, you don’t need a second one. Below swatches are one coat. The drying time is amazing, even someone super impatient like me didn’t get annoyed!
Elevation Polish Black Ice_1

Clearly I had to try and see what Black Ice looks like with topcoat. Amazing how the shimmer pops, don’t you think?
Elevation Polish Black Ice_2

Limestone (from the Stone’s Throw Collection) is a marshmallow white with golden flakes in it. I absolutely adore the look of this polish! Also, it is extremely easy to apply and I wore this for three days, basically without tip wear. My favorite of the Elevation Polishes I own.Elevation Polish Limestone_1

Mount Augustus (from the Australia Sunrise & Sunset Collection)  is a creamy coral polish with a purple shimmer and tiny golden glitter specks in it. I don’t really like coral, mainly because I usually can’t pull it off, but this one is an exception. It actually looks pretty nice on me and I love the golden flakes in the coral base. 2 coats.
Elevation Polish Mount Augustus_1

Do you have any Elevation polishes? If yo, which ones should I add to my collection? I have to admit I have 4 more on the way to me…

Thanks to Lulu from Elevation polish, who sent me these pretties for review!

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5 thoughts on “a bit of Elevation Polish

  1. Limestone schaut toll aus! Ich hab leider keine Lacke von Elevation Polish, obwohl ich den Webshop regelmäßig anhimmel :-) Ich glaub, Elevation Polish hat ja auch so einen Lack mit gelbem Neonglitter, den du eh auch mal gezeigt hast. Der ist wirklich cool und außergewöhnlich!

    • oh ja, huangshan! der ist ein Wahnsinn. Eigentlich der Lack, der mich auf die Marke aufmerksam gemacht hat. Ich leihe ihn dir gerne einmal, und auch gerne die anderen – ich brauche sie ja ohnehin nicht auf, und du kannst dir so einen guten ersten eindruck verschaffen :) die vorteile einer “Leihnagellack-Gruppe” :)

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