OPI Fireflies_Zoya Louise_1

The beauty of OPI Fireflies

Happy Monday! Let’s be positive about the week – I have a whole lot of planned this week, how about you?

Today I want to show you one of my favorite layering polishes – I actually don’t have many, as I’m not a big fan of layering (unless it’s a glitter!), I like polishes that don’t need undies. This one however is a beauty, so in the past, I tried it over various polishes. So say hi to OPI Fireflies, a sheer duochrome shimmer that looks golden or green, sometimes pink, depending over what it is layered. I used one coat of Fireflies over each color.

Here I layered OPI Fireflies over China Glaze Pink-ie Promise.  It looks subtle over pink.
OPI Fireflies_China Glaze Pink-ie Promise_1

Over sally hansen star powder it is barely visible, but adds glow to an otherwise plain frost.
OPI Fireflies_sally hansen star powder_1

Fireflies over Zoya Giovanna makes the duochrome look of Fireflies really stand out.
OPI Fireflies_Zoya Giovanna_1

Clearly the duochrome effect is most visible over dark colors, and I like the look it adds to Zoya Louise a lot, even though I don’t like brown.
OPI Fireflies_Zoya Louise_1

Which combination is your favorite?

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