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How I wore it: Dance Legende White Noise

Initially, my intention to make a lot of pictures for new How I wore it posts whenever I’m on vacation was a good intention. The only problem is that I just terribly failed to actually do so. I don’t know, it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I have more fun stuff to do, like explore the city/country, hang out with friends, not put on make-up…. many things.

I did manage a couple shots in Istanbul though. We went there after Christmas for a week to explore the city – Istanbul had been on my list for years now. Not only was it great fun, Istanbul is also a vibrant, beautifully set city. I love the hills and staircases, the mosques and the fact that you suddenly stand somewhere with a great view on the Bosporus without expecting it. Plus I love the food.

So let’s start with the nail polish: This is Dance Legend White Noise, a texture without glitter but with tiny black particles in an otherwise white polish. It applies easily in two coats and dries really quickly (as is inherent to textured polishes…).
Dance Legend White Noise_1 (1)

I must admit that by now, I’m finally decided that I’m not a fan of textured polishes. It took me long enough and I tried enough of them, but in effect, I liked a handful of which I kept a few.
Dance Legend White Noise_4

Anyhow so we we’re exploring Istanbul and also decided to check out the Museum of Modern Art (Istanbul Modern). It had the most awesome view as it lies right next to the water and you can basically sit next to the waterfront and enjoy a coffee.
Dance Legend White Noise_6

The art was interesting – I’m not always sure what to think of Modern Art, but I try not to insult artists by proclaiming that I find something hideous…. Well, but it was definitely worth checking out the museum. I especially loved their library (apart from the view, of course!).
Dance Legend White Noise_7

Oh, yeah, it was a bit windy and cold when we were there :) I”m wearing: shoes: asos, pants, shirt: Mudo, pullover: GAP, coat: Geox, scarf: Codello.

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12 thoughts on “How I wore it: Dance Legende White Noise

  1. I was in Istanbul exactly in the same time with you :) I liked the city a lot for being vibrant and full of contrasts, but most of my pics look like your last one :D I wish there was less wind, but we still had fun, and I’m sure you did as well! :)

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