Catrice Luxury Lacquers Chameleon polishes

Good Monday! Let’s start the week with some more polishes from the Catrice Luxury Lacquer collection, shall we?

C(h)ome, Leon! is a peachy orange with a turquoise shimmer. It is rather sheer and it took me three coats to build up an almost opaque look.
Catrice Luxury Lacquers C(h)ome, Leon!_1

Chromit & Miss Pinky is a fuchsia with a blue shimmer. This is two coats. The color is nothing special, if you ask me.
Catrice Luxury Lacquers Chromit&Miss Pinky_1

Chromeo & Julia is a shimmery duochrome that changes from a fiery orange to a lovely pink – basically it looks like sundown on your nails. This polish is definitely my favorite out of the four Chameleon polishes. 2 coats.
Catrice Luxury Lacquers Chromeo & Julia_2
Catrice Luxury Lacquers Chromeo & Julia_3
Catrice Luxury Lacquers Chromeo & Julia_1

Salmon Salmon but different is a barbie pink with a turquoise shimmer. It is neither salmon nor is the name funny (clearly same and salmon don’t sound alike now, do they). The polish is, just like its peachy version above, rather sheer and needed three coats.
Catrice Luxury Lacquers Salmon Salmon but different_1

This part of the Luxury Lacquer collection did not convince me. Chromeo & Julia is really pretty and had the best formula and application, but the other ones aren’t duo chromes, they’re just shimmers.

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3 responses to “Catrice Luxury Lacquers Chameleon polishes

  1. I like Salmon Salmon but different. But overal they’re not so special.

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