Orly Buried Alive_Ninja Polish Chameleon_9

How I wore it: Orly Buried Alive & Ninja Polish Chameleon

Can you believe it, it is the beginning of March and I’m showing you pictures of summer…. On my blog you aren’t able to tell what season it is. Anyhow, today I’m showing you a manicure that is really not me. It features brown (!) nail polish!
Orly Buried Alive_Ninja Polish Chameleon_8

I’m wearing Orly Buried Alive with Ninja Polish Chameleon on my ring- and middle finger. Chameleon is so versatile, you can layer it over everything.
Orly Buried Alive_Ninja Polish Chameleon_3

Now that we’re clear about the basics, let’s talk about fashion and do some bitching. I read mostly nail polish blogs (apart from books, the newspaper, legal reviews and other stuff for work) mixed with a few fashion blogs. As I try to “shop where I live”, I try to read Austrian fashion blogs only, because this way, if I want to buy something or at least take a look, chances are that the blogger bought the item in Austria (or an online shop that delivers here!).
Orly Buried Alive_Ninja Polish Chameleon_4

For quite some time now I found reading fashion blogs troublesome. The bloggers look uniform, their styles differ only in small details. I’m sure that they’d all disagree, but if I see yet another pair of skinny jeans paired with an oversized sweater and a statement necklace, I’m going to buy myself a plastic bag to wear, just to stand out.
Orly Buried Alive_Ninja Polish Chameleon_5

Another problem I have with fashion blogs is, that so many girls dress after their idols (I’m not saying that this is purely the fashion blogger’s fault, magazines also tell you that this uniform of skinny jeans-oversized sweater-statement necklace is cool!), and mostly the garments displayed on blogs are expensive. Now I understand that buying something that comes in  a sexy box, wrapped in promisingly crackling silk paper is quite fun.
Orly Buried Alive_Ninja Polish Chameleon_7

The only problem is that many of these girls (and boys alike) seem not to be able to put these purchases in perspective. I’m not a girl anymore (even though I wish I was, considering how the rings under my eyes have grown over the years), and even I find myself in situations when others who obviously have invested substantial amounts of money in their appearance, get treated differently. I refuse treat others differently because of their clothes, I think people who buy the umpteenth logo bag from Louis Vuitton have zero style.
Orly Buried Alive_Ninja Polish Chameleon_0

Independently on my choices and my thoughts of clothing, I know for a fact that I’m being looked at if I do what Lagerfeld so arrogantly said, one should wear everything as if it was a pair of jeans for EUR 100, otherwise it’s not elegant – I wear my expensive stuff mixed with my cheaper stuff, mixed with my self-made stuff, all through each other, depending on how I feel. I like colorful clothing, something Austrians seem to hate for the sole reason of its existence. So, if you have any suggestions for blogs that I could read? I’ve sworn off all the ones I know (but one surprising exemption of the rule) but I’d surely love to extend my horizon.
Orly Buried Alive_Ninja Polish Chameleon_6

skirt: H&M, shoes: Chatelles, blouse: Zara, bangle: NewOne

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4 thoughts on “How I wore it: Orly Buried Alive & Ninja Polish Chameleon

  1. Ja, da kann ich nur zustimmen :-) Das mit dem Skinny-Jeans-etc-Trend hab sogar ich mitbekommen, obwohl ich keine Fashion-Blogs und auch kaum Zeitschriften lese (Youtube hat mich auf den neuesten Stand gebracht …). Was ich an solchen Modetrends auch bissl irritierend finde, ist, dass tatsächlich viele Mädls/Frauen mitmachen – unabhängig davon, ob es ihnen passt oder nicht. Ich weiß jedenfalls, dass mich niemand dazu bringt, eine Skinny Jeans anzuziehen. Da könnt ich auch gleich zur Leggings greifen … ;-)

  2. I am sure that J and your coworkers and everyone around you would LOVE to see you in a garbagebag… I hear they make neon yellow ones nowadays, and you know, put some fancy schmancy duct tape to eccentuate your curves and whatnot ;D

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