maybelline super power blue_1_1

Sunday Spam: Maybelline

Welcome to this Sunday Spam! Today I want to show you a whole bunch of Maybelline polishes. I used two coats for each of these swatches.

First up is Coral Craze which is a very squishy looking coral. Not much to day about it otherwise, it is a pretty straight forward color.
Maybelline Coral Craze_1_1

Coral Glow (yes, they are almost called the same) is a more vivid orange toned coral. It looks mostly orange on me but I assume that it depends strongly on the skin tone. It is a straight creme.
Maybelline Coral Glow_1

Intense Teal is a metallic looking teal. It has good coverage but it definitely needed a second coat.
Maybelline Intense Teal_1

Lustrous Lime is a shimmery lime polish that needed three coats to cover. I like this color. It is not too yellow, something I really like about this polish.
Maybelline Lustrous Lime_1

Mesmerizing Magenta is a blue toned pink with a blue shimmer. It is quite standard in my opinion.
maybelline mesmerizing magenta_1

Rose bling (over OPI My pointe exactly) is a fun mix of rosé gold, red and iridescent glitter. The glitter is quite dense, I only used one coat.
maybelline rose bling_OPI My pointe exactly_1

Speckled Pink (over Pure Ice Stunning) is part of the polka dot collection. If you look close enough, you can actually tell that none of the glitters has the form of a dot, they’re hexagons. The polish is a pink jelly densely packed with different sizes of black and white glitters. I think it is terribly ugly and no matter how many layers of topcoat I used, it just won’t be smooth.
Maybelline Speckled Pink_Pure Ice Stunning_1

Super Power Blue is a great shade of a blue creme. It is almost Yves Klein Blue, one of my absolute favorite shades of blue. Be aware, it stains quite a bit.
maybelline super power blue_1_1

Any favorites?

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