Sunday Spam: KIKO

Welcome to yet another Sunday Spam. I don’t know about you, but I never tire from these posts! It’s just so handy, all in one. Today I’ll show you quite a couple of KIKOs. Since I discovered KIKO, their grey cremes have turned into my favorites. To be honest, I really like their cremes a lot – but many of the other polishes are also noteworthy. I used two coats for all these swatches. They all have names on the website, but I’m too lazy to look them up. Write them on the bottle, KIKO, if you want us to use them!

KIKO 245 is a blackened aubergine. It looks slightly duochrome in the bottle, but that doesn’t show up on my nails. If I take a picture of it with flash, all the pigments and micro glitters light up and it looks…. very close to Chanel Taboo.
KIKO 245_1_1
KIKO 245_2_1

KIKO 297 is an apple green creme which shines like a jelly (not like a diamond).
KIKO 297_1

KIKO 390, just like Zoya Tracie, looks horrendous on me. I have no idea why I think either of them would work for me. Love the color, hate the look.
KIKO 390_1

KIKO 428 is a dark, deep teal glassfleck. Absolutely gorgeous and limited edition, of course.
KIKO 428_1

KIKO 618, also limited, is part of their mirror collection. It is vibrant fuchsia in color, unforgiving in application and stamps like a champ.
KIKO 618_1

KIKO 622 is also one of the mirror polishes. It has a metallic finish like 618, but is periwinkle in color.
KIKO 622_1_1

KIKO 621 – see above, this one is a beautiful lavender-leaning purple.
KIKO 621_1

KIKO 637 is part of the sugar matte line. It is cutesy blue but it has no sparkle, and I like sparkle in textures.
KIKO 637_1

KIKO 808 is part of their new Quick Dry line. I love pinks with golden shimmers, so I really liked this one too. I prefer the rectangular shaped bottles to these round ones though.
KIKO 808_1

KIKO 830 is definitely the star of the newer Quick Dry line. It is an extremely bright and vibrant blue shimmer. I can’t imagine anyone not liking this color – and I see this on a lot of toes in summer!

Do you like KIKO polishes? Any favorites you want to share?

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Spam: KIKO

  1. You’re not the only one loving Kiko polishes. But quite bummed out that I didn’t get more of the ones w/ the chrome finish when they were still readily avaiable, but oh well, my other polishes will keep me company ;)

  2. KIKO cremes are fantastic and cheap, and I think they have to stick to this texture. Whatever else they issued doesn’t inspire me much, although it looks good on the swatches. And yeah, I totally support your claim: the polish have names? Let ppl know them by disclosing them on the bottles! :D

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