Pretty Serious Claris_7

How I wore it: Pretty Serious Claris

Today I want to show you the second polish from Pretty Serious that I liked and the first one I owned (first one here), and also the one that sealed the deal for me to love Pretty Serious Polishes.
Pretty Serious Claris_2

I’m obviously talking about a pink polish, that can’t really be surprise? This one is called Claris. It is the prettiest pink with an intense golden shimmer and the squishiest, jelliest look about it.
Pretty Serious Claris_1

I ordered this from Mei Mei’s Signatures, because the other one I wanted was sold out. This is how Pretty Serious Claris found its way to me.
Pretty Serious Claris_7

Despite it being winter, I have not managed to make any outfit pictures outside in the snow (such a lovely background, etc), because there’s no snow in Vienna. It snowed little but now its all gone again.
Pretty Serious Claris_3

So I resort to the last few pictures I have saved and pretend I’m in Australia (where, incidentally, this nail polish is from), where it is summer.
Pretty Serious Claris_6

This dress was an idea that I had and drew and had made. The idea was to not have to carry your scarf around but have it attached. Maybe the next time I’ll pick a more subtle color combination to be a able to wear it more often, but I think it’s pretty cool anyhow.
Pretty Serious Claris_5

dress: my idea, belt: pieces, shoes: Zign.
Pretty Serious Claris_4


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