essence Kalinka Beauty_green scene_1

essence Kalinka Beauty TE

essence just released a TE (trend edition) that is not spring-y, and I’m glad. Seeing all the previews of spring LE’s is a bit early for me. Time goes by so fast anyhow, no need to speed it up, if you ask me. Anyhow, this TE is called Kalinka Beauty. Considering the name I assume it is inspired by something Russian, whatever their inspiration was (matrioshka dolls? Russian folklore?).

absolute blue is a medium prussian blue. Great color, really good application. OPI, you’ve got something coming! 2 coats.
essence Kalinka Beauty_absolute blue_1

east side story is a vibrant, knock-your-socks-off orange. It has some cool shimmer in the bottle, but on the nail that only enhances the depth of the color. Too bad. 2 coats.
essence Kalinka Beauty_East Side Story_1

from russia with love is a color only few of you will like – it’s the OPI Melon of Troy problem and the Hands off my Kielbasa disaster – but I must admit, this color is unique in my stash. Also, I really like it – odd enough, but that’s life. Every pot finds a lid, I guess. I don’t even know how to describe the color, I’d say something like washed out sugar melon, metallic, with a taste of blood orange? 2 coats.
essence Kalinka Beauty_from russia with love_1

And the fourth of the quartett, green scene. It’s a solid turquoise/aqua creme. One of those everyone freaks out about when essie releases them, but forget essie, this one has a fabulous formula. And the price is incomparable. 1 coat.
essence Kalinka Beauty_green scene_1

Overall I must say that this essence TE has the best formula of essence polishes I ever tried. All of them were fabulous, dried quickly and looked great. I’d definitely advise to buy all of them.

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8 thoughts on “essence Kalinka Beauty TE

  1. For some reason I can’t see the last photo :(
    I found the Kalinka display on Saturday and I bought the orange *but* I think I have an identical one from an older LE (from Essence, too). Will have to check that! I wished I read this post before though, I would have grabbed the aqua creme, too, but I was afraid about the formula :(

  2. Kalinka is some berry =) I’m russian, but I still don’t know how this berry looks like in real life – it’s more about folklore song and “хохлома” ornament =)

    nice pictures =)

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