Catrice Créme Fresh_The Peach Boys_1

Catrice Crème Fresh TE

Winter barely started, and here come all the spring LE’s! Today I want to show you one by Catrice called Crème Fresh.

Another Pink Panther is a soft pink with a metallic finish so it is prone to brush strokes, but due to the pastel color, they’re not very visible. 2 coats.
Catrice Créme Fresh_Another Pink Panther_1

Evergreen 60s is a pastel mint, the formula of it is similar to Another Pink Panther. The color leaves me with terrible lobster hands, but if you can pull off this color, it’d look awesome. 2 coats.
Catrice Créme Fresh_Evergreen 60s_1

Light your fire is the ‘odd one out’, as it isn’t a pastel. The color is so vivid, I think it qualifies as a neon. So I’d say this is a neon metallic pink, if that exists. Definitely my (second, wait for the first!) favorite of the collection. 1 coat.
Catrice Créme Fresh_Light your fire_1

Make Fast at Tiffany’s is a pastel yellow metallic. It is thick, but at two coats you can still see my nail line peek through. Even though I really love yellow, this one doesn’t have a good formula.
Catrice Créme Fresh_Make Fast at Tiffany's_1

My favorite polish in this collection is The Peach Boys. It is a beige/nude polish with a lot of golden shimmer in it. You know how much I love golden (and green) shimmer in polishes and this one has a shimmer that’s not shy like Chanel’s. A must have! 2 coats.
Catrice Créme Fresh_The Peach Boys_1

Did you get any of these?

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