Ninja Polish Hydra_5

Ninja Polish Hydra

Be honest, don’t you just love Ninja Polishes? I surely do, so today I want to show you another one of their beautiful multichromes (in case you missed 100% Columbian and Komodo, click here, or here for Mystic Glacier and Nebula, here for Basilisk, here for Chameleon, and just use the search function for all the others ).
Ninja Polish Hydra_5

This is Ninja Polish Hydra. I used one coat over Oh so wet! in black, which basically is my new favorite black.
Ninja Polish Hydra_1

What I really like about Hydra is the intense color shift. I don’t have to hold my hands under water or at hurtfully twisted angled to see a bit of a color shift.
Ninja Polish Hydra_2

The colors that are most visible are teal, purple and pink. The gold you can see in the bottle doesn’t really show up on my nails. Ninja Polish Hydra_4 Do you like Hydra?

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