Ninja Polish 100% Columbian_Komodo_5

Ninja Polish 100% Columbian & Ninja Polish Komodo

How many of you know the feeling of joy when you imagine something to be a certain way and it turns out better than expected? It is exactly what happened with me an Ninja Polish 100% Columbian.
Ninja Polish 100% Columbian_1

I thought that 100% Columbian would be a brown polish with a slight shift to green. Turns out that I was wrong. It has the color of dried blood (or if you like that better, autumn leaves) and shifts to a beautiful olive green and deep gold.
Ninja Polish 100% Columbian_2

As I had Ninja Polish Komodo standing next to me when I made pictures, I wondered how it would look over 100% Columbian.
Ninja Polish 100% Columbian_Komodo_1

Well, the answer is simple: absolutely gorgeous. Ninja Polish Komodo is a glitter mix that shifts color from a vibrant purple to a warm gold.
Ninja Polish 100% Columbian_Komodo_2

Generally, polishes like Komodo work best over alike colors or dark colors. When I say work best, I mean look best, obviously that’s objective :)
Ninja Polish 100% Columbian_Komodo_3

Both polishes’ formula was great. Expecially 100% Columbian was amazing, because I assumed I’d have to layer it over black, but I didn’t! What you see above is two coats of it on its own.
Ninja Polish 100% Columbian_Komodo_4

Komodo was easy to apply and I only needed one coat for these pictures. The particles spread out evenly. I absolutely love both polishes! What do you think?
Ninja Polish 100% Columbian_Komodo_5

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