pretty and polishes mirror mirror_4_1

Pretty & Polished Mirror Mirror

Ah, thermal/color changing polishes, the big hit of 2013. At least for me, as I have not fully embraced the texture trend. Even though I have fallen in love with so many of the colors, I have not reached for my textures much. Thermal polishes somehow remind me of my 90’s childhood. Neon hoodies, overalls, slap on wrist bands, yoyos and, of course, mood rings, only to name a few of my favorite things. I had absolutely no style, and looking back on 2013, I wonder if that changed. But onto the polish!
pretty and polishes mirror mirror_4_1

This is pretty & polished Mirror Mirror, a thermal polish that changes from an almost white light blue to a purple cornflower. The polish is interspersed with pink round and blue square glitters.
pretty and polishes mirror mirror_2_1

Above: cold, below: warm. I used two coats for these swatches.
pretty and polishes mirror mirror_3_1

What’s your take on thermal/color changing polishes? Hot or not?




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