Sunday Spam: butter LONDON

Happy Sunday! Today’s Sunday Spam features butter LONDON polishes. I have a deep love for butter LONDON polishes, not only does the formula excel, but many of the shades are intriguing and I love the bottles. They’re so handy (you can take the big cap off, which reveals a small cap to which the brush is attached, which is easy to hold!).

butter LONDON Chancer (over China Glaze With Love) is a red glitter polish. In this case, it means red glitter in a sheer red jelly, absolutely lovely, but not necessarily unique. I compared Chancer to other red glitters here.
butter LONDON Chancer_China Glaze With Love_1

butter LONDON Fairy Cake (1 coat over Eva Mosaique Fasion Color 075) is a holographic glitter topper. I have never tried to wear it alone, but it is one of my go-to glitters over creme polishes.
butter LONDON Fairy Cake_Eva Mosaique Fasion Color 075_2

butter LONDON Fairy Lights is a mauve pink metallic. Please do not ask me what I was thinking when I needed to have this shade, but I absolutely hate it on me. 2 coats.
butter LONDON Fairy Lights_1

butter LONDON Fash Pack is a widely loved butter LONDON shade. Don’t ask me why. Its gold shimmer that is visible in the bottle doesn’t transfer to the nail at all, which leaves me with a diarrhea brown creme polish. 2 coats.
butter LONDON Fash Pack_1

butter LONDON Lovely Jubbly* (1 coat over essence Go, sightseeing!) is a mix of red, blue, gold and pink glitters in a clear base. It can be worn alone which I showed you here.
butter LONDON Lovely Jubbly_essence ticket to paradise Go, sightseeing!_1

butter LONDON Macbeth is a reddish pink creme polish. I like it, but I don’t love it. 2 coats.
butter LONDON Macbeth_1

butter LONDON Marrow is another polish I had to have but I can’t recall anymore why I had that sentiment. It’s a very dark aubergine creme, a lovely color by itself but not only am I not a purple lover, it’s a color that bores me to death. 2 coats.
butter LONDON Marrow_1

butter LONDON Muggins is a cutesy powdery lilac creme. Not unique, not original, not amazing, and not my favorite lilac creme. 2 coats.
butter LONDON Muggins_1

butter LONDON No more waity, Katie is a grey jelly polish with purple glitter. It is rather sheer so I needed three coats and to be honest, I find this rather ugly. I know that I like polishes other people find horrendous, but de gustibus non est disputandum doesn’t always apply.
butter LONDON No more waity, katie_1

butter LONDON Posh Bird is a grew pewter metallic foil hybrid. I found this easy to apply and a comfortable color to wear. 2 coats.
butter LONDON Posh Bird_1

butter LONDON Primrose Hill Picnic is a cool-toned hot pink creme, very barbie-esque. A safe choice in terms of formula, application and longevity, if you don’t already have 85789823034 other pinks.
butter LONDON Primrose Hill Picnic_1

butter LONDON Scallywag is a vibrant medium blue glitter polish that is opaque in three coats. It is absolutely lovely to look at and a gorgeous tone of blue.
butter LONDON Scallywag_1

butter LONDON Scoundrel is a medium purple, that looks just a bit dusty. I like the color alright, but I’m not overly smitten by it. 2 coats.
butter LONDON Scoundre_1

butter LONDON Snog is a very vibrant red pink. How about rink? Or ped? Or we just establish that there is such a thing as red pink. Even my camera couldn’t decide between the two colors! Love it. 2 coats.
butter LONDON Snog_!

butter LONDON Victoriana  is a nice dusty teal with silvery flecks throughout the polish. Other colors that have this look are, for example, OPI I don’t give a Rotterdam and Zoya Skylar. Victoriana applies evenly and smooth in two thin coats.
butter LONDON Victoriana_2

Now tell me, do you have a favorite?
*I received this polish for review from

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6 responses to “Sunday Spam: butter LONDON

  1. Chancer und Macbeth! :)

  2. Posh Bird trag ich gerade und ich liebe ihn! Macbeth liebe ich hauptsächlich wegen dem Namen, die Farbe ist ja nicht so originell. Und Fairy Cake läuft ja sowieso außer Konkurenz!

  3. Ohh, Chancer, Scallywag und Victoriana sind ja absolut wunderschön! Nur schade, dass die Butter London Lacke so teuer sind. Da kann man sich nur ab und zu mal einen gönnen! ;)

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