Misa Hitched_Armani 502_Guerlain 740_8

How I wore it: Misa Hitched and Guerlain 740

You know, this winter is a very unwintery winter in most of Austria – it hasn’t snowed much and the föhn is killing my brain, as I get terrible headaches from this warm wind. So to celebrate summer in winter, I have a summer post for you.
Misa Hitched_Armani 502_Guerlain 740_1

Totally unlike my usual self’s choices, I decided to wear a sheer pastel pink, which are registered in my head under “wedding colors”. This one is by Misa and it is called Hitched, so the name emphasizes my original sentiment towards the color (3 coats).
Misa Hitched_Armani 502_Guerlain 740_2

I wonder, who came up with the idea that one has to wear such boring colors for weddings? Isn’t it enough that for most weddings, the bride has to wear white? I’d much rather wear red, but then I’d have to change religions, and then again, I wouldn’t be familiar with wedding customs (to name one of the obvious obstacles…).
Misa Hitched_Armani 502_Guerlain 740_3

Most people I know look, well, not ideal in white. I, for sure, look ok in white maybe 2-3 days a year, exactly when I transcend from burnt red to slightly tanned. I would definitely like at least my nails to stand out!
Misa Hitched_Armani 502_Guerlain 740_4

Can you see the nail polish from this far away? No? I can’t either. It looks pretty close up, but from further away it just looks as if I’m not wearing polish. That’s ok if you like that look, but you could also not wear nail polish and safe the time and money.
Misa Hitched_Armani 502_Guerlain 740_5

Never the less, close up I somehow like Hitched, but I would surely not wear it to my wedding (or anyone elses), but rather combined with something with color!
Misa Hitched_Armani 502_Guerlain 740_8

Dress: COS, belt: Zara, lipstick: Guerlain 740 (Corail Ora) over Rouge D’Armani 502, shoes: Zign.
Misa Hitched_Armani 502_Guerlain 740_7

What’s your take on wedding nail polish?

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5 thoughts on “How I wore it: Misa Hitched and Guerlain 740

  1. White for weddings? Really? I had never heard of that! Here most brides usually go nude or French I guess. I know for my wedding I will wear a subtle holo (and wish it won’t rain).
    Anywayyyyy I love how this pinkish nude looks on your skintone, whatever you think!

  2. Ich würde wohl einen roten Lack oder vielleicht sogar etwas dunkles tragen, ich mag nude und weiß zwar aber ich möchte schon, dass man den Lack auch sieht. Mich bringt der blöde Föhn auch um, ich bekomm so Kopfweh davon. Das Kleid ist übrigens toll <3

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