El Corazon Matte Effect 5

Today I have half of a how I wore it post for you. It is half a post for two reasons, the first one being that even though I made these pictures in my usual outside, half artsy, different settings kind of manner, I am not on the pictures. This was the obvious reason. The other reason you can’t know, because, as I said, I’m not on the pictures, but the reason is as follows: I made those pictures in the summer when we were swimming, so I was only barely dressed (a.k.a. a bikini), so it would only have been half a How I wore it post, because I was barely wearing half of what I usually wear.
El Corazon Matte Effect_2

Wow, long explanation of circumstantial facts. I guess I get to do that too little at work. El Corazon Matte Effect_4

Before this post ends, and I haven’t even told you anything about the nail polish: this is El Corazon Matte Effect 5. It’s a lilac pink shade that dries matte (as the name would suggest).
El Corazon Matte Effect_5

The finish is really chalky, so you could imagine that the application is horrible. Luckily, it isn’t really, and I managed a decent look in two thin coats. I waited quite sometime in between coats to avoid any dragging issues.
El Corazon Matte Effect_1

If you look at the first picture you can see how pretty the print on the bottle is. All in all I was satisfied with this polish, especially considering I’m not a big fan of matte polishes. 
El Corazon Matte Effect_3

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