essie who is the boss_2

Sunday Spam: essie, again

For all my Austrian readers, I decided to be nice and give you another essie spam :)

essie funky limelight is a highlighter neon yellow. It is really sheer and streaky, so I decided to layer two coats over white. I made those pictures in dim light so you could see how much this yellow glows.
essie funky limelight_1
essie funky limelight_2

essie jamaica me crazy is a raspberry shimmer. It’s a rather standard color, but very pretty and shimmery. Très chic. 2 coats.
essie jamaica me crazy_1

essie pure pearlfaction (over IsaDora 758 Aquatic) is a sheer silvery glitter topper. I’m writing silver, but it looks like white sparkle, like the morning sun over a lake.
essie pure pearlfaction_IsaDora 758 Aquatic_2_1

essie Scarlett O’Hara is a shimmery red. I love reds like this, so additionally to the name (who doesn’t love Gone with the Wind? I mean, frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!) this is a total win for me. 2 coats.
essie Scarlett O Hara_1

essie show stopper is a metallic looking red. It mainly looks metallic because it has these tiny golden specks throughout the polish, which makes it so pretty. 2 coats.
essie show stopper_1

essie smooth sailing is one of these essie polishes almost every essie fan owns. It’s a periwinkle blue interspersed with silver microglitter. Lovely. 2 coats.
essie smooth sailing_1

essie where is my chauffeur is more minty than in my pictures – mine came out a bit too blue. It’s in any case a solid turquoise creme. 2 coats.
essie where is my chauffeur_1

essie who is the boss is one of my favorite essies. It’s a greyish blueish greenish creme polish, which is unique in my collection and very elegant. 2 coats.
essie who is the boss_2

Tell me, what’s your favorite essie polish?

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Spam: essie, again

  1. Ich hab eigentlich gar nicht so viele, da ich die meisten Essie’s wieder verkaufe weil sie irgendwie so fad sind (in Gegensatz zu anderen Lacken von anderen Marken). Mein liebster Essie ist wohl Boom Boom Room, der Lack ist für mich das perfekte knallige Pink (weil es nicht uns violette geht).

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